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How the GSA recruits and develops top entry-level talent through its Emerging Leaders program

Jayana Cali Garvey

Jayana Cali Garvey

Are you a recruiting leader for a federal, state, or local government agency? Is your agency struggling to replace the talent which is retiring or about to retire? Are you having a hard time figuring out how to recruit, retain, and develop today’s recent college grads so that they’ll be ready, willing, and able to become your next generation of leaders?

Join your fellow government human resource specialist and other leaders from dozens of agencies at the GSA office across from the L’Enfant Plaza in D.C. on Monday, December 8th as your fellow government employees share the good, the bad, and the ugly how to save time, make their budgets go further, and recruit the most sought after college grads and students.

The day will feature a series of focused and intense presentations by eight of the leading experts in hiring and managing Millennials. We’ll start at 10am and be finished by 3:30pm and even have time for lunch so be prepared to walk away from your day with as much information as you would if you traveled halfway across the country for a three day event.

The opening keynote presenter at this eighth College Recruiting Bootcamp will be Jayana Cali Garvey, the program manager for the GSA’s Emerging Leaders Program. She’ll share with attendees what the GSA has learned about how best to develop its next generation of leaders.

Who should attend? Hiring managers, human resource specialists, and other government employees who want to learn how to more efficiently and effectively hire college and university recent graduates and students. No vendors. No career services. No third party recruiters. No job seekers. No selling from the podium. All presenters and attendees will be government employees.

Cost? Way, way less than that three day conference halfway across the country that won’t fit into your budget and, even if it could, is better designed for career services and corporate recruiters than government human resource leaders. Seating capacity in the Rob Auditorium is 205 and all of the tickets are the same but there are three ways to buy online using your purchase card (or we can invoice you). And, thanks to a generous sponsorship from TMP Government, tickets are now just $50!

Will I see you there?

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