Searching for Internships or Entry Level Jobs? Don’t Scare Aware Employers by Making These Mistakes

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Even though Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean that job seekers are not making mistakes that will scare off potential employers.  If they expect to land internships or entry level jobs, job seekers can not afford to be careless or lazy.  Your first impression should be memorable, in the right way that is.  So, please for your sake and those who will be considering you for job opportunities, avoid making the following mistakes in your job search.

Lack of enthusiasm – How do you feel about the job you’re applying for?  If you do not feel excited about it now, then you will likely come across that way if you get an interview.  Not to mention the fact that you probably won’t give your best effort on the job if you’re hired.

Shutting out social media – Social media gives job seekers the chance to create their own brands and network with people who can provide them with job search information.  By not using social media, you will miss out on these opportunities, as well as the recruiters and employers who are looking for potential candidates like you.  In addition, there may be certain job openings made available on social platforms that you might not find otherwise.

Failure to follow-up – If someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to interview you for a job, show your gratitude with a thank you note or email.  By not doing so, you’ll appear unappreciative of the interview and uninterested in the job you applied for.  Who knows, a simple thank you might separate you from other candidates and win you the job.

Poor spelling and grammar – By not paying attention to spelling and grammar in your job search, you are sending a message that you’re not really a serious candidate.  Even if you use spell check on your computer when writing a resume or cover letter, read over it yourself to find any mistakes. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Not properly dressed – Don’t come into a job interview like you’re going to the beach or the club.  Wearing clothes that are not appropriate for the workplace will be seen as unprofessional.  Instead, do your research on the company’s dress code and dress to impress.

Forget to smile – Even though you should take your job search seriously, when networking or interviewing, please don’t forget to smile.  You are not a robot, but a human being with emotions.  Smiling is a great way to express yourself.

Job seekers must understand that their lack of success is not always the fault of someone else, but themselves.  They should consider how much effort is being given to their job searches and find out what mistakes are keeping them from employment.  Otherwise, job seekers will continue to scare off potential employers who are waiting to offer them internships or entry level jobs.

No matter how often we talk about the serial mistakes made by job seekers… they are still being made. And they are still killing the chances of job seekers everywhere. From spelling errors to that “” email address, and from not matching your resume to not bothering to follow-up, these mistakes – as shown in this

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