Oracle DBA Jobs – How to Grab One?

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Oracle corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Oracle corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Oracle DBA jobs are high on demand nowadays. The question is why Oracle is considered as the chief market player as far as database computing is concerned? The Oracle Database includes RDBMS (relational database management system) that is manufactured and marketed by the company itself. As far as the Oracle DBA is concerned, he is expected to work on the Oracle database in order to meet the changing requirement of the business processes. The primary reason why the brand has become so famous is owing to the fact that its database is unique as it helps its users by providing them with a competitive advantage via technological advancement. In addition to this, the users can also mitigate a process by putting all kinds of data in the database with the help of Oracle secure files.

Responsibilities of an Oracle DBA

There are various duties and responsibilities of an Oracle DBA. However, these can vary according to the job description. A DBA team working with Oracle database maintains it in a manner that is required for expanding, testing, growing, educating and producing. The database requires constant modification. It is necessary that the database is in perfect sync with the administration so that all the computers within the enterprise are updated. This process is important as all the computers should have vital tools and applications for carrying out the business processes. Besides, keeping the systems in sync, a database administrator also requires installing the latest version of Oracle RDBMS from time to time. It is also essential to apply the security measures to ensure that all the functions and design codes are formed accurately.

An Oracle DBA should also take care of the planning part. The Oracle ERP cloud solutions are integrated with several companies. But it is necessary to formulate proper plans so that there are no unnecessary snags. In this regard, the DBA must ensure that he plans properly along with the system administrator. Planning is also required for ensuring that every new product is used and upgraded with making minimum changes for the overall system. In addition, the DBA also offers technical support to the app development team if and when the need arises. Troubleshooting various issues and managing database objects are also listed within the duties of an Oracle database administrator.

How tough is the job?

Pretty tough! Such a job profile is quite challenging as it requires total commitment on behalf of the person. He might have to work 24X7 in case of emergencies. It is a difficult job profile where one has to be present for maintenance or service even on holidays. For those who are looking for success in this field they should keep updating themselves about the latest technological changes on a regular basis. Since the job description requires dealing with databases it is expected that the job aspirer should have a thorough knowledge on various database systems like SQL and Oracle. It would also help if the person is well versed in dealing with tools, techniques and Oracle security policies. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is a must if one aspires to be an Oracle DBA.

Skill sets required

Every job requires a certain set of skills and so does the role of Oracle DBA. Firstly, it is mandatory that the candidate must know about the physical database design. Secondly, knowledge of Oracle recovery situations and support are equally important. Last but not the least, it is necessary to know about the way in which Oracle puts data reliability into effect.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, it is quite high considering the fact that there are few Oracle DBAs available.

Author Bio: Jonathan Patterson is software professional and a big fan of the Oracle ERP. In this article he discusses why the Oracle DBAs are in high demand and how can one grab a lucrative job in this field.

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