5 reasons why naturopathy is the right treatment for you

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Naturopathy, digitalis.

Naturopathy, digitalis. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Blame it on our tight schedules or sedentary lifestyle, our body today is more toxic than ever. Be it a minor cold or severe joint pain, all that we do is take an antidote, without a doctor’s prescription, and keep on doing our work. Day by day, we are depending more on drugs which give us temporary relief, also bring along numerous side-effects. High time people that you opt for naturopathy treatment as it will not only cure the disease afflicting you, and dismantle its roots and branches, but also help in building strong immunity as well. With the help of natural medications and practices, naturopathy can heal almost all diseases. Naturopathic medicines combine the wisdom of nature with meticulous modern approach.

All thanks to the latest technology, naturopaths will soon offer a wider range of treatment. New research papers and institutions are giving insight into natural medicine courses. Various schools of naturopathy are listed in USA which train students various fields like Acupuncture, Herbalism, Reiki, etc.

This multidisciplinary approach uses the healing power of natural resources like foods, herbs, earth, water, air, sun and magnets to allow the body to heal itself. It helps effectively treat degenerative and chronic conditions like asthma and arthritis, gastro-intestinal problems, hypertension, Immune disorders, allergies, sensitivities, weight loss, cough, cold and flu, insomnia, prostate problems, arthritis, high cholesterol.

Healing is a natural process, and naturopathy believes in the same discipline. Naturopathy is considered the best alternative therapy for patients. Listed below are some of the reasons why naturopathy is recommended to most of the patients:

Safe treatment:

The main purpose of naturopathy is to restore and enhance the healing power of the body. Naturopathy physicians use safe and non pharmaceutical approaches for treating patients, and therefore it doesn’t have any side-effects. Treatment is highly personalized, and patients should tell the doctor about their medical history to get better results.

Naturopathy treatment includes practices like homeopathy, which offers gentle and non-invasive approach to health. If used correctly, there are no toxic side-effects, and less addiction. Naturopathy is the safest option for infants, pregnant women, elderly patients, and the ones who have sensitive health.

Effective healing

Naturopathy helps in healing acute problems with effective and everlasting results. Effectiveness of naturopathy in recurring diseases such as migraine, allergies, acne, autism, arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, psoriasis, etc. is a hallmark of homeopathy. The best part of homeopathy medicine is its result and, long lasting relief. It not only gives lasting effect, but also treats the root of the diseases. Homeopathic medicine addresses the patient’s physical, emotional, and genetic condition in totality; and treats the disease traits rather than treating diseases superficial.

Element of nature for disease healing:

Naturopathy drugs are not man-made; they are either curative attributes of plants and, animal substances as well as minerals. They are utilized in their entire, normal condition, and never in the form of separate chemicals. Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural defense mechanism to promote health and to resist infections and susceptibility to disease. Although gentle, the results can be effective and long lasting.


With the recent technology, the prices of medicines are soaring at a faster clip. We think twice before going to doctor for a cold or cough. In such cases, Naturopathy can help in solving the disease in a cost effective manner. Treatment is not at all expensive, and the cost of the drug is thoroughly affordable. Naturopathy physicians typically prescribe much comparatively less expensive botanical or nutritional supplements to effectively care for medical problems. The diagnostic procedure of naturopathy is hassle free and doesn’t involve expensive time-consuming tests. They rely on the patients symptoms and accordingly give them doses.

Helps in healing severe problems

Right from healing minor cold-cough to severe back aches, naturopathy is the solution for every problem. It improves the overall balance of the body and increases the quality of life. Naturopathy treatments help in improving the immune system, and improve resistance to infections. It helps in treating the underlying cause of an illness by using a range of gentle, holistic, non-invasive treatments. This may include nutrition, dietetics, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage and Bowen technique – amongst others.

With new emerging technology, – naturopaths will soon offer wider range of treatment. Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to nature’s five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – a composite representation of all forces of nature. In a healthy body, each of these elements is in equilibrium, and any disturbances in these elements, may lead to health diseases. A naturopathy treatment is based on the discipline that “prevention is better than cure”. Opt for natural therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture for improved results and lead a better life.

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