8 Qualities That Make You The “Great White” of Leadership

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The workplace today is nothing like how it used to be 10 or 15 years ago. There have been a humongous amount of changes in the market, not to forget the demands at the workplace that have changed drastically as well. One has to handle the complex environment, manage and lead the team in the right direction using different techniques and strategies that were not common before. While there is a variety of leadership qualities and styles, the most successful leaders share some specific traits. Following is a list of 8 highly effective traits that make you stand out as a leader:

1. Be Humble With Your Team

Humility is the first thing that makes a leader successful at what he does. Being humble does not mean that you are unsure of yourself or you are weak. It simple means that you are confident enough to give credits to others around you, where needed, without even feeling threatened.

2. Become A Good Problem Solver

Every leader has to face a number of conflicts where he works. Being a leader, it will be you who would be addressing all the problems.Try to handle all sorts of problems, issues and conflicts with utmost care and sensitiveness. Be the one who solves problems in the most appropriate manner and you will see the confidence people put in you when they have problems.

3. Take Responsibility Of Your Actions

You must take responsibility of the decisions you are going to make. Great leaders never blame others for their mistakes. Instead, they handle the problems as they rise and work accordingly to solve them. If you have delegated some work to an employee and he screws it up, remember it is your responsibility to work on it and make it right.

4. Give Everyone Their Due Respect

Do not think low of anyone. Just because you are a leader, it does not mean that you consider others inferior to you. Everybody loves a leader who treats everyone with respect. Remember, the trick is to keep a balance and resolve workplace conflicts, if any, with maturity and equality.

5. Set An Example Of Being Honest

Honesty is truly the best policy- be it a professional or personal relationship. Everyone loves to work under a leader who has integrity and holds excellent morals and values. A leader who lies will never set an example for the employees. Keep in mind that the fellow colleagues, team members or employees are a reflection of their leader. The team will follow your suit if your key values are honesty and good ethics.

6. Keep Your Attitude Positive

Positive attitude increases the productivity in work. Always show enthusiasm towards the work related projects so that your team also stays highly motivated. Try to address the mistakes in a subtle manner and emphasize more on the brighter side of the things, like how we learned from our mistake, how it helped us with the future projects, etc.

7. Show Creativity In Your Work

An exemplary leader always thinks outside the box. You need to incorporate new and fresh ideas in your work, so others can also take inspiration from you. Take assistance of your team and work upon your ideas. This will not only make them feel more involved but also more respected and important towards working on your idea.

8. Do Not Lose Your Calm

Always stay patient while working with others. Clarify the task as many times as possible if your team does not understand it the first time. Try explaining in simpler words and find various other possibilities to help them perform the tasks. Do not lose your patience if somebody asks a question. Instead, work on your ways of assigning them work.

You can always tell a good leader from a poser if you watch his/her actions. Being a leader is not about just getting things forcefully done. It is about making yourself an example that others follow.

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