5 Great Options for a Career in Health

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Doctor with patient in hospital room

Doctor with patient in hospital room. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

In the current times, with constant changes happening in the business world and marketplace, there’s never been a more uncertain time for long-term career options. In previous generations, and throughout the 20th century, there was a method that everyone could follow that would ensure a lifelong career path. Today, in most spheres of the working world, that certainty is all but non-existent. Once upon a time, a person could go to college, get their degree, and have a plethora of decent paying jobs available to them right away. Nowadays, as things begin to change more and more rapidly, the value of a college education and degree is regularly debated. However, there is at least one area where an education and degree can still land a well-paid career job – health care. As people will always need health care to help fight disease and mend injuries, there will always be a need for medical professionals. And there has never been a better time to set your sights on a career in health.

There are many reasons for taking up a role in the medical field, beyond financial security. While there are many jobs and businesses in which a person can make a decent wage or build wealth, few have the same positive impact as a career in health. Many people, who choose their career in the medical world, do so out of a desire to help others. This leads to a very real sense of fulfillment and satisfaction which no amount of money can buy.

So, if you are considering a career as a medical professional, what are some of the different paths available? In reality, there are quite a few. While you may have an idea of where you’d like to end up, getting started can be a different story. For example, some positions or specialties require many years of expensive education while others are quicker and more affordable to get into. Many health care professionals choose to start out in a field that is more accessible to them in their current circumstances in life and continue their studies throughout their career in order to reach their dream position later on. Listed below is a handful of different medical career paths that are available to you.

1. Physician – A physician can work in a variety of capacities and has the role of diagnosing and treating disease as well as prescribing treatments and medications to patients. It is also part of their job to help instruct patients on proper diet, hygiene and disease prevention. While a career as a physician is quite lucrative, achieving the degree and getting through medical school is challenging, time consuming and expensive. But like almost anything, the more worthwhile the goal the longer and more difficult the road is in getting there. Like most jobs in the medical industry, there will be considerable job growth for physicians in the coming years.

2. Registered Nurse (RN)– The position of registered nurse is both important and rewarding. The role of an RN can vary depending on where they work and in what capacity, but caring for patients and giving or assisting with treatment are aspects of the job that are virtually unchanging. While becoming an RN can be a challenging investment of time and money, it will definitely be worth it in the end. Abundant job growth for registered nurses has been projected in the coming years.

3. Dentist –Another essential health care job is that of the dentist. While the path of dentistry is very different than that of a medical doctor or registered nurse, their role is equally as important. As with the abovementioned positions, the need for new dentists is expected to be substantial in the coming years.

4. Physician’s Assistant – For a job that is easier to attain that still allows the person to give care and assistance to patients, the physician’s assistant takes care of such tasks as giving routine examinations, treating a variety of conditions, recording patient progress and interpreting X-rays. A large and constant increase in demand for this job is expected over the next few years.

5. Dental Hygienist -Something of an assistant to a dentist, the hygienist cleans teeth and helps to teach patients about oral hygiene. With most working only part time and bringing in average salary of around $70k, there are a lot of motivating factors for taking up this position. The outlook for job growth is over 30% over the next 10 years.

About Author: Mark Stouts is a freelance writer and a part time nurse. In his free time he loves to spend time with his family.

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