5 Ways to be More Successful Starting Today

Posted October 24, 2014 by
Ken Sundheim

Ken Sundheim, Chief Executive Officer at KAS Placement Recruiting

For the majority of individuals, success is very much a possibility. However, successful people get to where they are because of a conscious choice to act and behave in ways that promote a healthy career.

Below, our headhunters have defined 5 ways that successful people operate. By knowing their methods and mindset, you are able to immediately begin a journey that, ultimately will lead to a more lucrative, fulfilling job.

On a macro level, successful people:

1. Gain the ability to put their personal agenda aside – Successful professionals realize that getting over their own personal agenda is paramount in forming mutually beneficial, lucrative relationships.

They realize that there is a world outside of their own. Thus, they make a concerted effort to get outside of themselves and see other people’s worlds through the eyes of those individuals.

Their multidimensional insight allows these individuals to successfully lead their peers, satisfy their more difficult clients and remain persuasive in stressful situations.

Moreover, by closely listening to what others say, they are able to decipher how certain individuals think. Once they can determine a person’s thought processes, they are more effectively able to predict that individual’s decisions and actions.

2. Avoid criticism – By criticizing others, we dilute our ability to persuade. Disapproval puts a person on the defensive and usually makes him strive to justify himself.

Successful professionals avoid reprimanding and judging others when it’s not a complete necessity to do so.

They understand that regardless of how mistaken someone may be, using condemnation as a motivator will often result in the other party detaching from your cause or, on occasion doing the opposite of what is requested.

Countless studies have shown that animals rewarded for positive behavior are much more apt to comply than those punished for bad behavior.

Instead of criticizing the actions of others in hopes of persuading them, successful people recognize that it’s most effective to try to understand the reasons behind their actions.

3. Live in the present moment – Successful individuals are able to put the past where it belongs…the past. They don’t dwell on prior experiences. They forgive those who have done wrong by them and are not afraid to apologize and make amends to those whom they may have wronged.

Moreover, they are able to put future events aside to focus on what is happening now. Instead of judging a situation, they experience it with an open mind.

4. Don’t follow the crowd – The most successful individuals don’t blindly follow others and, if necessary are not afraid to be unpopular. They know that large groups tend to operate at a lower common denominator.

They follow their intuition and never sacrifice their integrity or character in order to be accepted by their peers. In turn, their conviction attracts others to them.

They are not afraid to speak out when something is wrong and, regardless of circumstances make actionable decisions based on their personal values.

5. Operate with honesty – Successful people are brutally honest with themselves. They take responsibility for who they are as individuals as well as for the events that happen in their life.

Regardless of how painful the truth may be in a given circumstance, they muster up the ability to confront and overcome the worst possible situations. This honesty makes them stronger people.

In the End

Ironically, while many people want to be a success and enjoy a career that is rewarding, challenging and interesting, they don’t make the right choices. You can change that today. Remember that successful people all started somewhere.


Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement sales and marketing recruitment, an executive search firm specializing in assisting job seekers throughout the U.S. recognize their career goals.

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