College to Real World: 4 Upgrades for Your New Life

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Young man moving into new home, sitting on couch

Young man moving into new home, sitting on couch. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

You’re braving a new world—a world far different from dorm-living, lecture halls, and pre-paid meal plans. It’s called the real world and you’re not alone. More than 67 percent of college grads ages 18 to 34 are living on their own, according to a 2014 Gallup study. If you’re looking to furnish your new home and upgrade the old with new, consider these four must-haves for starting a life out on your own.

1. Rachael Ray Cookware Set

You’ve stepped it up from ramen noodle dinners, so why not upgrade your kitchen supplies too? Test your culinary skills with a 10-piece porcelain cookware set. For example, The Rachael Ray Cookware Set is available in a variety of colors, which make for an energizing pop of color in comparison to your outdated standard pots and pans.

Next time your parents are in town impress them with a full course meal. They’ll be so proud!

2. Vizio Smart TV

Having a roommate in college was great. You always had a wing-man, and his flatscreen TV came in handy for game day and movie nights. But all good things must come to an end. Now that you’re living on your own, it’s time to get a TV of your own. How does 50-inches sound?  If you consider The Vizio 4k Ultra HD LED Smart TV, you can have a beautifully designed television, delivering rich picture quality, 64 active LED zones for vibrant color and contrast, and four-times the clarity of 1080p full HD. Expect price cuts on TVs and electronics as the holiday season approaches. Sign up for big retailer email lists, then compare the deals so you can score on Black Friday.

3. angelo:HOME Angie Sofa

Remember when you first picked up that old couch from the thrift store? It was the perfect addition to your college apartment, despite the minor stains and blemishes. Now that you’ve moved up from that dingy apartment to an upscale townhome, furnish your home with trendy pieces more suited to your grown up style. Transform your living space with a new plush sofa designed by angelo:HOME. The Angie Sofa is an eco-friendly design, featuring fully-upholstered arms, box seat cushions, and foam fiber seating for ultimate style and comfort. This neutral colored sofa will look great in any living room, and now your friends won’t be afraid to sit on your furniture when they come over to visit.

4. Schwinn Hybrid

The Atlantic reports that gas prices have doubled since 2000. If you’re looking to save some money on gas and get a little exercise, think about biking around your town on a Schwinn Hybrid Bicycle instead of driving on four-wheels. These versatile bikes are great for fitness. They are quick and nimble, and can handle a variety of different terrains—from the bike lane to the trail.

It’s been reported that Millennials drive about 20 percent less today than their parents did at their age, according to NPR. With perks like saving money and getting a workout in while commuting to the office, it’s no wonder why young people are choosing to ride. Plus many cities across the country host bike-centric events like New York City’s Midnight Ride, Tempe, Arizona’s Tour de Fat, and Georgia’s BikeFest. Hop on a bike, strap on your helmet, get peddling and socialize with your likeminded peers.

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