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Employers, Do You Want to Hire Millennials? How You Can Recruit Them

Some employers may have a desire to recruit Millennials but don’t know how to go about doing it.  In order to attract this tech-savvy generation, it is important for companies to know what they value, while focusing on their specific needs.  Here are some tips to help employers recruit the best candidates for hire.

Don’t look past any schools – It is easy to view students and recent graduates from big name colleges and universities as the best candidates because of those schools’ reputations.  However, recruiters and employers should not overlook those students and recent grads who come from small, lesser known schools for entry level jobs.

Offer mentorship – The transition from college to the workforce can be an adjustment.  Millennials will likely appreciate a mentor who can guide them in the workplace to provide career advice or answer any questions they might have.  In turn, this can show them how to be mentors in the future.

Keep strategies that work while still being open-minded – Just because it is the 21st Century, that does not mean employers should abandon recruitment strategies that have been successful in the past.  However, remember it’s okay to embrace new techniques such as social media to attract candidates.

Employers have the opportunity to recruit Millennials by adjusting their strategies and showing a willingness to embrace this generation.  If they understand that this tech-savvy group is about creating new ways of getting things done, they can succeed in their recruitment efforts.  While it might take some time to make changes, companies can achieve the goal of finding the best candidates to fill openings for entry level jobs.

How do recruiters find top-notch Millennial job candidates? Are there special tools you should be using or new techniques to try? Here’s what two experts have to say about making your recruitment efforts a success. 1. Extend your search beyond “elite” schools Steven Rothberg, president and founder of College Recruiter, says one of the most

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