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5 Job Hunting Tips When You Already Have a Job

Jennifer Parris

Jennifer Parris, contributing writer

In many ways, it is an ideal situation. Looking for a job while you already have one has many benefits. You can take your time to find a job that you love without feeling the pressure of having to pay the rent. You get to bone up on your interviewing skills, and discover if the field that you’re interested in is really a fit for you.

That is, if you don’t get caught.

The one huge caveat about job hunting while you have a job is just that…you already have a job. And if your boss or catty colleague catches wind that you’re interviewing for another position, you could potentially put your current job at risk. So even though it may feel like you’re being sneaky, it’s best to be subtle when you’re looking for a new job. Here’s how.

5. Dress the Part

You’ve been lucky enough to work in an office that lets you wear pretty much whatever you want. But if jeans and a T-shirt have been your standard dress code, it’s going to raise some eyebrows (and some red flags) if you show up in a three-piece suit. So be prepared to bring your interview clothes with you and change right before your job interview. You may even have to use a restroom away from the office to change in order to avoid getting caught.

4. Time It Right

No matter how hard you try, it seems that every job interview time slot you’re offered is smack dab in the middle of your workday. Thing is, even if you’re desperate for a job, you don’t have to accept the first interview appointment you’re offered.

It’s perfectly acceptable to let the hiring manager know you are employed and that, if possible, you’d prefer an interview date and time either before or after your normal work hours. It will illustrate to a potential boss you are trying to be as respectful to your current position as possible, which is a desirable quality in a job candidate.

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