Searching for an Entry Level Job or Internship Using Social Media? How to Approach It

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It is no secret that social media is a huge part of modern day communication.  While many people use it for personal reasons, some also use it for their job searches.  If you’re looking for an entry level job or an internship, social media can help you learn more about job opportunities and companies that you are interested in working for.  However, job seekers must be careful how they present themselves online to be taken seriously by potential employers.  Let’s take a look at some ways to approach your search for career opportunities.

Social media on your resume – You can add social media links to your resume.  The relevancy of this information may depend on the job or internship you are applying for but in either case gives an employer a better idea of who you are.

Research prospective employer’s social presence – Just like an employer will do his or her homework on you as a job seeker, you should do the same on him or her.  Check LinkedIn and Twitter to see if you know anyone who works for that employer.  Having an inside contact could help you get a foot in the door of the company.

Update social profiles with information – This is your opportunity to interact with a company by sharing your knowledge of a specific area.  In addition, you may open the door to new contacts who may be able to provide you with more information for your internship or job search.  Just remember when posting content to be professional and consistent.

While social media serves as an important part of today’s communication on a personal level, it can also offer a platform for people professionally.  By using social media, job seekers can learn more about the positions and companies they are interested in.  They can also leave a favorable impression with potential employers who are looking to hire the best candidates available.

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