Social Media Profiles Are the New Assessment Tool for Recruiters

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In today’s world of technology recruiters are facilitated by social media platforms that enable them to access new candidates in a rapid manner. Gone are the days when employers have to follow conventional methods of recruitment to select a right candidate for the vacant position. Additionally, with the introduction of social media platforms, half of the recruitment problem gets the solution. Now, employers can easily figure out the right candidates by visiting uncountable profiles on social media forum. However, if you are a recruiter and want to hire a right candidate, then luckily you are at the right place. Take a look at the information shared below to speed up your recruitment process and to hire the best candidate.


LinkedIn is a vast social networking forum that empowers recruiters to access new employees rapidly. By using LinkedIn, you can easily connect with thousands of job seekers living around the world that are related to your new job requirements. This is because LinkedIn is used by 200 countries’ residents therefore it makes it possible for you to pick out the right person. Additionally, by this way you can easily collaborate with the qualified applicant that you need for accomplishing your company goals. From a recent report, it is shown that there are over 65 million professional people’s profiles on LinkedIn. It means that you can facilitate by a huge number of applicants in order to fulfill your company goals in the required time.


We all know that Facebook is the king of the social networking sites with over 400 million user’s active profiles. Facebook is also allowing the employees and employers to connect with each other in a professional manner. It is observed that in the present time employers are also preferred to access candidates through Facebook. This social media forum provides a clear image of the new candidates, including their hobbies and activities. Moreover, employers are also facilitated by Facebook as they can also know about the companies’ work environment and policies by interacting with the current employees of the company. So, it’s better for you to benefit from this technological gift than to employ unsuitable candidates by conventional method.


Twitter is a new recruitment tool for employers as it a micro blogging social networking service.  According to many experts Twitter is the best tool that connects recruiters with the right candidates at the right time. You can easily tweet new jobs you have available to employ the right person you need for running your company operations perfectly. In addition, you can also engage with new candidates by expanding your professional contacts over twitter. Undoubtedly twitter is the best tool for you to connect with hard working employees in a quick manner. Therefore, create a twitter account today to run a quick search in order to hire the right candidate in a speedy manner that is invincible in past decades.

Hopefully by reading the information shared in this document you can easily understand the importance of social media platforms that are engaging right employers with the right employees in a speedy manner. Keep in mind to implement these powerful platforms in your next recruitment round to feel the difference.

About Writer: Alison Cerys is a proficient writer and career mentor who work with Dissertation Works | Dissertation help. In these days, she is facilitating the people who want to speed up their recruitment process by employing tech tools.

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