College Students, Do You Have the Necessary Soft Skills to Land Entry Level Jobs?

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While it is important for job seekers to have the skill set do the jobs they apply for, they should also possess certain skills that allow them to be the right fit for the company culture.  These skills are known as soft skills.  Soft skills are intangible qualities that tell an employer not only about you as a potential employee but also as a person.  For college students searching for entry level jobs, having these skills can help make the difference in their job searches.

So, what kind of soft skills are employers looking for?  According to research, the top skills they value include strategic perspective, high integrity, global outlook, strong base work ethic/dependability, and accountability.  However, employers are having a difficult time finding candidates with these desired attributes, which means college students need to work on developing them as they prepare to enter today’s job market.  Specifically, when looking for entry level jobs, focus on these skills:

  • Strong base work ethic/dependability
  • Self-motivated/high degree of initiative
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Good time management skills
  • Accountability

There is no doubt that college students should have the requisite qualifications to do any jobs they apply for.  Additionally, they need to acquire the necessary soft skills that show potential employers how they fit in with company culture.  Not only do these skills describe their potential as workers, but they also highlight them from personal perspectives.  Thanks to having the right soft skills, companies can find the candidates they need, and college students can get the entry level jobs they want.

To land a quality gig in this job market, you need the skills recruiters covet most. Sadly, there is often a disconnect between the skills most valued by employer’s and the current skill set of the the applicants – or at least how those applicants go about selling their personal brand. This infographic from DeVry

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