Interviewing for an Entry Level Job? Prepare to Take Control

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As a candidate heading into an interview for an entry level job, you understand the importance of preparation.  This includes things such as doing your research, reviewing your resume, laying out your attire, etc.  However, there is another thing to prepare for and that is to take control of the interview.  Wait, aren’t you supposed to be intimidated of the interviewer(s)?  While the answer might seem to be yes, it does not have to be.  Here are a few ways to take control of your next interview.

You deserve respect too – If you do not respect yourself, no one else will.  Make sure you’re treated fairly as a candidate by your interviewer(s).  You are expected to act like a professional and so should everyone else in the interview.  If they don’t do so here, imagine what it will be like on your entry level job.  As much as you may want to work for a particular employer,  it is not worth your time or energy to deal with any more disrespect moving forward.

Learn more by asking questions – When preparing for an interview, make sure you have a list of questions to ask.  Not only will this leave a good impression about your interest in the position, but it gives you a chance to learn more about the company.  What kind of questions should you ask during your interview?  Consider asking specific questions about the job and the company; these could be expectations of the desired candidate or the type of work involved.

Get feedback for the future – Once your interview is over, be sure to thank your interviewer(s), but don’t leave just yet.  Ask how you can improve yourself in an interview.  That way if you did make any mistakes, you can get some idea of how to correct them.  In addition, this may be the only time you will receive feedback, so by asking for it now, you’ll get something to take from the interview, even if you do not land the job.

When preparing to interview for your entry level job, there are a number of things you should do.  Once you are in the interview, though, there is something else to prepare for and that is taking control of it.  By doing so, you will be more comfortable and leave a great impression with your potential employer.

Eureka! You’ve finally landed an interview, did all the research on the target company, and are now sitting in the hot seat, being grilled about your background from a panel of prospective bosses. Who exactly is control here? The employer? Wrong… You BOTH are in control.

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