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Finding Employment in the Legal Industry in Today’s World

Adrian Cruce

Adrian Cruce

The Internet has drastically changed the recruiting process for white-collar jobs. There are professional networking websites that connect workers with companies all over the world. Law firms can benefit from using such online resources to build a strong team of attorneys and other qualified workers. The New York metropolitan area has plenty of job opportunities in the legal sector. There are corporate law practices as well as smaller family-owned businesses. With the help of professional networking, lawyers can find job openings in the perfect company. Virtually every legal specialty is practiced by lawyers in New York City.

Attorneys that are looking for job openings need to create solid resumes to be posted online. It is important to list all of the educational certifications and professional qualifications related to legal practices. A resume for a lawyer should begin with information about the type of degree attained in college. For instance, it is beneficial to list a minor along with a standard Juris Doctor degree that is offered in law school. Clinical trial practice in college is also relevant to the real world. Similarly, lawyers seeking jobs should mention any experience in college-level publication of legal journals.

When using professional networking sites, members are considered to be independent contractors seeking solid job opportunities. Applicants can submit their requests for certain job openings and hope for a reply. However, users that have solid virtual connections can appear very desirable to other companies. For instance, professionals that are virtually connected to hundreds of other members in a relevant industry build a reputable image online. Lawyers should try to establish professional relationships with other legal workers that use networking websites.

Geographic location of the users also plays an important role in building a solid online reputation. A person that moves into a new area should still keep all previous connections from a different city. The company that is looking to hire in a new location will carefully evaluate the types of professional connections applicants have in other cities. Online resources such as Rosicki Rosicki and Associates’s LinkedIn and other websites are examples of professional networking outlets for lawyers and financial professionals.

Many legal practices have very simple profile pages on professional networks. Only basic contact information and a brief company history might be listed. However, applicants that are interested in working for a particular law practice should still take advantage of the networking site opportunities. It is possible to use the listed information to contact a law firm directly via email, phone and even traditional mail. Sometimes, lawyers might even be invited to come in for an office visit and drop off a resume or possibly get interviewed. It’s important to realize that virtual networking sites ultimately lead to in-person encounters with law practices that are hiring qualified workers.

Financial professionals should be aware that job opportunities exist in legal firms. Lawyers might need the advice of certified accountants and consultants that specialize in various matters such as bankruptcy, tax preparation, debt consolidation and liquidation. Legal and financial issues often intermix in many cases that are handled by law practices. To work for a team of lawyers, financial experts need to present a solid resume that highlights real-life experience in managing individual and business type transactions.

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Article written for College Recruiter by Adrian Cruce, a networking professional that is specialized in job hunting and freelancing for virtually all industries. 

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