College Grads, Searching for Your Dream Entry Level Jobs in the 21st Century? What to Keep in Mind

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If they have not started doing so already, many college graduates will be searching for entry level jobs after graduation.  While the thought of entering the job market is exciting, it can also be scary for graduates if they are not properly prepared.  After all, today’s job search is conducted much differently than when their parents when looking for employment.  So as 21st century job seekers, what are some things grads need to focus on?  Let’s take a closer look.

Do your research – Before applying for any job opportunities, you should learn more about the job and the company you are interested in.  Today, that means going online to the company’s website and getting information about the position to determine if you are qualified for it, and finding out if you’re the right fit for the employer.  In addition, keep up-to-date with the latest news concerning the company and its industry as a whole.

Clean up your online presence – Google yourself to see what shows up.  Are there more positive or negative things?  If the latter, work on removing that content.  Focus on creating a more serious image of yourself as a job seeker.  Remember, about 94% of recruiters have used or will use social media to search for job candidates.  Anything they view negatively on these sites or elsewhere on the Internet can harm your entry level job search.

Don’t look for a new job at work – If you are currently employed, don’t use office equipment to search for a job.  Your employer could find out, and you could lose your job.  Instead, conduct your job search at home, the library, or another location.

In order for college graduates to secure the entry level jobs of their dreams in the 21st century, they need to keep the previously mentioned tips in mind.  They may also have to make some sacrifices such as relocating or even taking part-time jobs.  However, it will all be worth it once they hear the words “you’re hired”.

This is not your father’s job search. The more connected we become, and the more employers work toward fixing what has been for decades a broken hiring system, the more recruiting changes. Now, even those who thought social media was merely a fad realize: getting hired in the Social Age will never be the same…

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