World Expo Bid 2020: The Foreseen Positive Impact on UAE Job Market

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Vineeta Tiwari 2

Vineeta Tiwari

The United Arab Emirates has an economy and a job market that possess an enviable stature and positioning in the global economic platform. In the entire Arab land, UAE is one country that has been determined to retain its heritage while sprinting at breakneck speed to embrace the breakthroughs and upcoming fiscal supporting events.

The job market at the moment is brewing with excellent career opportunities and there are several reasons that are backing up the success. Some of the highlighted reasons include a booming economy that is slowly moving towards diversification, increased Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and a prospering private sector.

The migration rate is increasing every quarter and now it can be easily stated that more than half of the UAE populace is expatriate. The prosperity is going to prevail for longer as there are several global socio-economic events that UAE will be organizing; one such event is World Expo Bid 2020.

Let us unveil the impact and significance of the event:

World Expo Bid 2020: A Picture

Leaving behind some of the economically powerful countries in the race to win the bid, United Arab Emirates with its dynamic city of Dubai has secured the opportunity to host the exposition. The event will be happening somewhere in the year 2020 and will witness countries all over the world participating and flaunting their technological and fiscal prowess.

A disclosure published on BIE’s official website states that the upcoming expo to be held in UAE will have a theme “Connecting Minds, Creating Future”, which reflects the idea of encouraging mutual understanding amongst participating countries. The event and its theme will be sending across a strong message that innovation is about to begin and this will change the facet of the global fiscal as well as employment scenario.

Here’s a snapshot:

The Employment Market Outlook

There is no doubt about the fact that the job market is flourishing and is witnessing a high number of expats from all over the world coming in here for high-paying career options in UAE. Moreover, investments dropping in from other countries have also contributed a lot towards making the Arab federation, one of the favorite job destinations.

The already booming employment arena will be getting a good boost by the event and the industrial sectors will be getting ample space to dish out excellent career options for both expats and nationals.

Here are some of the benefits the sectors will be getting from the event:

1.    Growing Construction Sector

The exposition will be witnessing a lot of countries visiting the UAE and this has coaxed the government in there to strategize major infrastructural make-overs. The government of UAE has joined hands with other nations and MNCs to undertake huge construction projects pertaining to building of better roads, hotels and housing options.

This makes clear that engineers and architects from all over the world can expect some of the excellent and career-enhancing jobs in UAE.

2.   An Anticipated Boom in Real Estate

The net migration rate associated with UAE is ever-surging and as the day of commencement of World Expo is approaching nearer, the rate is feeling trembles and is expected to go even up. Moreover, the known political and company officials who are marking their way to UAE will also be staying back to see the fiscal and job scenario in the country.

All these anticipated activities will give rise to a surged demand of housing options and thus, the Real Estate market will witness a boom.

3.    An Increased Entrepreneurial Activity

The event will also open doors for more and more FDIs and related investments in different sectors. UAE is soon to become a breeding ground for better career calls and this will boost the overall economic growth.

The nation’s fiscal enhancement will not only lure the job seekers but will also attract budding business men to come and get benefitted through capital gains and a skilled workforce. The entrepreneurial ventures will give rise to high-paying and satisfying job openings in UAE.

The Bigger Monetarily Gains

Apart from the booming industrial sectors mentioned above, the World Expo Bid will also benefit UAE through:

  • Increased Salaries by up to 20 per cent in the real estate and construction sector
  • A good pay package in Banking and Finance jobs as well
  • Throwing light on the emerging market as well so that participating nations can put forth some of the best opportunities for these sectors as well

The future is bright for all the job as well as business proposal seekers and they can benefit their prospects through investing their money and time in the UAE.

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Vineeta Tiwari is into writing informative articles on global recruitment processes, jobs, hiring trends and employment markets. Her latest article on the UAE job market talks about the various ways in which the employment market of UAE will get affected by the World Expo that is going to take place here in 2020.Reach her at She is an author at some of the leading recruitments sites such as and others.

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