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Woman in travel agent office

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The main aim of travel agents is to assess some of the best business and individual people’s needs, which can help them to make finest possible travel arrangements. An agent needs to specialize towards the kind of travel as divided under business and leisure category. Moreover, travel can also be categorized under the destination. Travel agents or planners are going to promote the travel packages, as part of the resorts, cruise lines and also some other specialty groups. Understanding more about the travel groups and the mindset of the travelers is a must, if you want to reach the best position in this career option.

Facts associated with employment

As per the latest calculations made in the year 2008, it has been found out that nearly 105, 300 jobs have been associated for the travel agents. Nearly 76% of the entire travel agent group works for the reservation and travel arrangements, where else nearly 60% are associated with the travel agencies. On the other hand, 17 % of people are self-employed and work under an independent platform. You need to be aware of the latest calculations and news feed, in order to come across the best and lucrative career option, under travel agency industry. The field is vast and proper knowledge is a must.

Job descriptions to be aware of

You need to be aware of the job descriptions, in case you are planning to take up travel agent as a career option. For the first and foremost option, you have to help customers find the best holiday package, which will not only suit their budget, but also fulfill their required desires. On the other hand, you need to check the availability of the chosen holiday plan, which will go with their timings and also make bookings, on their behalf. You are also asked to collect deposits as part of your job and fill up the booking form. You have to keep constant touch with the vacationers once their ticket arrives and collect the final payment values.

Working hours to focus at

For the initial stages and also basic services, a travel agent needs to work for 35 to 40 hours a week, or over the period of 5 days. The normal time period might be divided from Monday to Saturday and there are some part time job offers, available as well. Moreover, a travel agent must have a smart appearance, which must match well with the personality. If you are associated with a travel agency, then you might be provided with a uniform.

Dealing with the income status

As per the latest statistical results, the initial salary phase of a travel agent will be somewhat around 21,500 dollars, on a yearly basis. Experienced travel guides can help you to book the best Tadoba resort, where comfort will match well with lucrative budget accounts. The experienced agents will earn a lump sum amount between 25,000 to 41,500 dollars a year. Those, who are associated with the senior job levels, will earn a yearly salary of 50,000 dollars. Travel agents are also known for gaining commission, dealing with the meeting based performance level with the vacationers. They can also avail some discounts on any specific holiday. However, the above mentioned figures are subject to change with passing time.

Some entry requirements

If you have already made up your mind regarding a career option as a tourist guide, then you must have a Level 1 diploma or certificate course under your name as related with the tourism and travel industry. Some of the other diplomas are associated under ticketing and airfares, customer service in the hospitality area, diploma in tourism and travel and there are more to be added, in the list.

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