How Can a HR Wing Increase the Organizational Speed?

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Vineeta Tiwari

Vineeta Tiwari

The global economy is highly volatile thus for maintaining the profitable growth and value in the business, a need of re-examination of business protocols and related resources is always there. It is a hard fact that the most important resource of an organization is its workforce and if the sourced people into the company are good then each and every business endeavour reaches its success point at the right time.

The HR department is one such organizational wing that can’t be outsourced or offshored; the department is a result of business’s strategy and the existing capabilities of the given organization. Hence, it can be easily stated that HR professionals and their job roles go beyond the concept of merely hiring.

Let us uncover some of the important facts:

Human Resources: The Responsibilities & Much More

The job of an HR professional is not limited to just hiring; it is much more than that. It has to be made sure that the company has the right people at the right time and at the right place within the organizational chart. The importance of this wing can be well supported by the fact that the entire business strategy is executed by the people working in the company and these people remain on the constant journey of fulfilling the strategic vision.

The industry may remain sceptical of the department’s bottom-line importance but can never underestimate its true relevance. The role of an HR professional extends to enabling the organization meet its goals and vision. Here is a snapshot of the job responsibilities that has to be handled:

  • Harvard Business Review’s analysis on HR Job role says that an HR professional must be and should be able to support the execution of business strategy by building the apt capabilities
  • Searching for the skilled man force to fill in the skills gap within the company
  • In order to analyse and understand the workforce requirement, an HR should be able to structure job redesign and competency models
  • The pay scales are decided by the Finance authorities; however the initial analysis and decision making on the basis of the candidature is taken up by the HR professional himself
  • Regular tasks pertaining to the payroll, benefits administration, staffing, and recruiting have to be undertaken at the desired time.

Across the global industrial sector, HR is one department that is always in need of good professionals who have an eye for skilled resources and possess the capability of understanding the business goals.

Space for Fresh Graduates

The entry level HR jobs across the globe are satisfying and are well-paid owing to the weighted importance within the organization.

The requirement of HR professionals is not industry dependent and thus the demand never falls off. Other than pay packages, a fresh entrant can expect a lot of exposure in terms of hiring practices, staffing and customer engagement. Moreover, the technological wonders have taken the reign of the HR practices in their hands and thus newer systems like ERP and other automated operating packages have come in.

This has widened the scope of learning within the department and this ultimately gives a fresh graduate the opportunity to learn and groom at a steeper rate.

A Broad Horizon for Experienced Individuals

For experienced professionals in the HR domain, sky is the limit. Starting off with the role of an HR executive,  an individual in this arena can count upon career options like generalists, specialists and finally HR managers. The pay scales go up with every step that is being climbed in the career graph and the role gets broad with added responsibilities.

The HR job role involves professionals undertaking delegated tasks like specialist hiring, induction of the newbies in company, training & development, to name a few.

Breeding Ground for Non-MBAs

A professional needn’t worry if the MBA degree isn’t in the kitty as the HR domain opens door for one and all. There are certain traits that need to be acquired and mastered to create the suitability factor for the domain. An HR professional has to talk, align, hire and train people and at every stage a clear communication chain, time management and a right attitude is required.

All the above mentioned traits are not the slave of a university degree or a specific certification. If the candidate is an adept communicator and a strategic thinker, HR domain may seem like a second home and the career will grow like anything.

The Verdict

Companies having HR jobs in their kitty, across the globe look out for candidates who have excellent speaking and people skills and the correct amount of professional experience. If the candidacy reflects all the requisites then bagging a high-paying HR job will seem like simple task.

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Vineeta Tiwari is a professional writer and blogger, who follows and writes about global economy and different employment markets. She has been making use of her writing skills to carve a niche for herself in the communication domain for quite some time now.

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