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How to write in social networks to find work

Young lady sitting at desk and typing on laptop with social network icons coming out

Young lady sitting at desk and typing on laptop with social network icons coming out. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Social networks are the future but also the present. On the Internet there are many jobs and it is also an important weapon to make yourself known to companies. Each network has some unique features and capabilities you need to know, it is therefore paramount to discover how to write for each of the major social networks to achieve your main goal: finding a job.

A step ahead: the curriculum to social networks.

LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the tools you’ll need to take care to seek employment. Social networks have become one of the most effective channels to find work. It is vital to highlight the importance the Internet has gained to access the labour market. Given the economic crisis, and the increase in candidates seeking employment, selection processes have been complicated businesses. Therefore, the Internet presence can help actively and carefully to make a difference.

Traditional media remains important.

It is a fact. Social networks are destined to conquer the world. However, this does not mean that traditional media has become outdated. Having a good resume and knowing how to move is still a very important aspect.

Going door to door with your resume is also a mechanism that can work. Contacting management is another effective channel. Friends and acquaintances remain important, in order to let you know about different work environments and opportunities that happen in the close knit of a company. Of course, all these traditional methods have much more value if combined with the social networking presence.

Seek companies online

Why is it so important to be present in social networks? When a company receives a resume, it expands the information about the candidate in social networks. For this reason, if an individual is not present on the Internet they will consider them as a diminished career opportunity.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, three networks with very different functions

Each social network has a different function. Experts in Human Resources (HR) have explained the advantages of the major networks in several occasions:

– Twitter: Allows bettering dissemination of your work or projects.

– LinkedIn: Enables to easily connect with HR professionals of companies, and helps position your profile ahead of a job.

– Facebook: The network that can bring more jobs through personal contacts.

Twitter is plagued reviews

Social networking has created life-like scenarios. It is important to stress that you should keep in mind the consequences of what we write on the Internet.

Note that your opinions are disseminated. Therefore you should be aware of what you want and do not want to make public.

Power your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is perhaps the quintessential professional social network. To write in it you have to be clear about how you want to see businesses. The purpose of this tool is to generate interest in companies. You can be the answer to the needs of many companies.

Your LinkedIn information must be clear so that it can be read in a simple and quick way. Choose your professional merits without diminishing the companies where you worked. It is collecting the information you want people to see.

Facebook, Instagram, Google + and other personal networks.

Any tool may be appropriate to help us achieve the goal of finding that dreamed job. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are some networks that are more informal in character. However, they are no less important than the rest.

These tools can help you resume, build or manage the people closest to your circle. It may one day help you get a job thanks to these we already know.

Enroll in Internet job portals.

Finally, a step beyond the framework of social networks, highlight Internet job portals

HR experts explain is positive to be registered on these sites because they offer ease when it comes to looking for deals that fit your profile.

These tips about social media in the job search are important to be considered along with remembering that each network has some unique features and capabilities, and it is vital to know how to maintain your online presence.

Article provided by Jose Capelo who has years of experience in business and recruitment. You can find him on Google+.

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