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So you are probably an avid fan of professional wrestling. You probably have every kind of poster featuring your favorite wrestler, the T-shirts, the magazines and most likely consider WWE news more important that national or international news. That is what passion looks like: to eat, breathe and sleep wrestling. You may even want to turn your dreams into reality by getting into pro wrestling.

Now, before you go shocking your family (you must realize that unless you come from a wrestling family, everyone expected you to get over this ‘phase’), you need to have a plan on how you can make it on one of those posters in your room, just like you always dreamed.

WWE Superstar Batista at a wrestling event in Tyler, Texas Circa in 2005

WWE Superstar Batista at a wrestling event in Tyler, Texas Circa in 2005. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Count the the real costs of professional wrestling

You need to get your head out of clouds about the money and the fame and all that and understand what it will really take to get into pro wrestling and stay there. Wrestling is the farthest thing from a walk in the park.

It takes a lot of work both to get to professional level and even more work to stay there. There is a lot of travelling and not much money coming in at first. There are of course the minor injuries that come with wrestling and hopefully no major ones.

When you are finally signed up, things don’t change drastically either. You will get about $20,000 a year and the travelling taken care of but the chances of advancing to the main roster are low because the competition is stiff. In fact, the chances of getting into pro wrestling at all are lower than making it into the NFL or NBA.

So, if you are willing to endure all this then we can move on to the preliminary requirements. You must be out of high school (it would be better for you if you actually graduated – fall back plan, and all) and at least 18 years old. Before then, you could be getting into shape through some other sport if you don’t have a wrestling team in your school.

Training required to become a professional wrestler

If you are 18 years old, then get trained in a wrestling school in your area. Try to get into one that is run by a former wrestler that actually made it and has produced students that made it to the WWE and TNA. School is not free so you will need to prepare for that, but then again, nothing worth having is free, right?

After school, ship out to Florida, the home of wrestling. Otherwise, try Louisville Kentucky, and get into the Ohio Valley Wrestling. You could even train here and possibly get into TNA Wrestling as a result. The best thing is to train with someone who can be able to open doors for you and get you signed.

Should you be signed up, don’t get big-headed. You want your name out there, so you should take any job offered, regardless of the money. However, please make sure you check out the gigs and their terms to prevent organizers taking advantage of you. Try not to get ripped off, okay?

This is just an overview but it will get you started. Follow your dreams with a level head and you are sure to do well.

Bio: Charlie is a free lance passionate writer who loves to write articles on various career segments. In his free time he loves to spend time with his family.

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