Interview with College Graduate Sharing Advice that Could Help You Land Your First Entry Level Job

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If you are a recent college graduate searching for your first entry level job, the following post includes an interview with a UCLA grad sharing her personal experience and offering some advice for your job search.

Before you go to college, and even while you’re there, there are only a handful of careers people really ever talk about: doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, fashion designer, politician, architect, musician, etc. These are the jobs we hear about in TV shows and movies, the ones we have interactions with on a regular basis, the jobs we can connect with a straight line to our passions (see: “I like working with children, so I want to be a teacher.”) Every once in a while, you meet someone who will proclaim to have an interest in “business” or “technology,” but they can’t elaborate on what that means, or what specific roles they’d like to pursue. This narrow focus can make job-hunting post-college feel even more daunting and stressful than it already is – if you have this idea that there are only 20 kinds of jobs in the world, it’s easy to feel like you’re not interested in, or qualified for, any of them.

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