9 Ways To Add Happiness To Your Mood At Work

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Portrait of a smiling worker in a factory

Portrait of a smiling worker in a factory. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When the job is new, it usually seems refreshing and interesting. However, as your job gets old, it may start making you bored and tired all the time. No matter how happy-go-lucky you are, sometimes it becomes tough to stay positive and happy at work.

Work load, project deadlines, office politics and over-times are some of the few factors that may make you feel tired of your day to day job and thus add boredom to it. The only ways you can take that boredom out of your job and make it more interesting and engaging again are:

1.   Avoiding Workplace Politics

This is the best way to stay happy at the workplace. Do not gossip about anyone, and do not victimize anyone due to personal reasons. If you do not like your colleagues or boss, keep it to yourself. You can adopt an honest and carefree attitude in your office settings and therefore stay happy by avoiding poking your nose into matters that don’t concern you.

2.   Avoiding Aggression

Aggression and anger only spoils your reputation at the workplace. Avoid getting angry on petty issues. If you are not feeling good, walk away from all the factors that make you angry. Control your anger to stay happy and make your colleagues happy at work.

3.   Always Wear a Smile

It is commonly said that if you put on a constant smile all the time, you automatically start feeling happy and contented. So, always work with a smile on your face and always keep a positive approach in your mind and you will see the entire day at the office go smoothly and happily.

4.    Take A Break Every Now And Then

Taking small breaks to unwind during hectic office work also helps you maintain a happy mood. Working non-stop may make you feel exhausted and frustrated. It is ideal to take small breaks to relax and feel better. You can go and make yourself some coffee, have a chat with your colleagues, or call at home to know how your kids are doing to distract yourself from work for a while.

5.    Ignore Bullying

There are certain people in every office who enjoy teasing and bullying their colleagues. Make sure to avoid them if you want to enjoy happy time at the workplace. Whenever you feel upset with all the negativity around you caused by such people, remind yourself that you would not allow them to create hurdles in your productivity at work. Stay around happy colleagues in order to stay happy yourself.

6.    Take Criticism Positively

While there might be some bullies in your office, not everybody who criticizes your work is teasing you on purpose. Train yourself to spot the difference and take criticism positively. As long as you feel the criticism for your work negatively, you would not be able to feel happy. So, try to consider all the aspects of a criticism and improve your performance accordingly if you want to stay happy and competent at work.

7.    Feedback And Support

It is the best policy to have a happy working environment at the office. Ask for feedback from your colleagues about your performance so that you can feel confident and contented with your work. It is also good to provide your colleagues with support whenever they need your help so that you can build a good relationship with them.

8.    Maintain A Balance In Relations

The key to staying happy at work is the avoidance of over-attachments with colleagues. It may upset you very easily if someone close to you in the office does not live up to your expectations.  Keep a balance between your personal and professional life. Taking personal problems at work spoils your time in the office and bringing office problems to home spoils your personal life.

9.    Be Active

Studies show that sitting in one chair all day long makes you feel lazy and sad. So, get up and explore your office every now and then. Visit a colleague in the next room, or go out with them during your lunch break to grab some fresh air and feel refreshed.

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