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RealMatch logoWith all the publicity job aggregation has been getting this year, I’m surprised the term doesn’t yet have its own hashtag. Particularly over the past few months, “job aggregation” has been a hot topic in the world of HR & Recruitment. It all began with Simply Hired and Indeed. Now with Monster and LinkedIn introducing job aggregation products and services, what does that mean for job board operators and recruitment sites?

These recent announcements involve expanding the quantity of job listings through aggregation, and moving from pay-per-post models to pay-per-performance models – both have received positive and negative feedback. Many are skeptical of the news, seeing these changes as an attempt to regain flailing market share. Others have been utilizing Pay-Per-Performance models for quite some time, so this news seems to substantiate their existing recruitment advertising strategies.

Furthermore, many companies are undergoing drastic changes to compete with new & existing job aggregators – updating business models, niche audiences, distribution channels, etc.

Regardless of your stance, you need to know how these announcements will affect your job board’s business model & market share. Join Steven Rothberg, President of, Ed Kost, President of Roadgem Partners and longtime newspaper Ad Director including at the Pittsburgh Post, and others as they discuss whether the job aggregation model represents the future of recruitment advertising and answer your questions.

Hear these industry experts discuss the market implications and impact of an aggregation strategy on job boards, including a lively discussion on the following questions and topics:

  • What do these changes mean for your site?
  • What are the decision points in evaluating a job aggregation strategy?
  • Should you take the leap?
  • How could this impact a pay-to-post revenue model?
  • What’s the best way to maximize a CPC / CPA revenue model?
  • How would this impact job ad performance?

RealMatch looks forward to seeing you there!

RealMatch offers a unique recruitment advertising solution that allows publishers, media companies, and stand-alone job boards to compete more effectively and earn more from recruitment advertising, while generating more site traffic at the same time. RealMatch provides unprecedented reach on its network, TheJobNetwork, which reaches millions of active and passive job seekers monthly, and targeted distribution and matching technology that produces the most qualified applicants possible.

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