College Graduates, Are Your Interviews for Jobs Filled with the Same Boring Questions? Tell Stories

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What can college graduates interviewing for jobs do to make their answers to seemingly boring interview questions more appealing to the interviewer?  They should consider telling stories.  Learn more in the following post.

My most recent job hunt was pretty intense, or rather, I went about it very intensely. I researched companies in many fields (everything from biotech to publishing), reached out to old contacts, emailed countless introductions, and eventually scheduled no less than 20 interviews over the span of four months (more interviewing than I’d done in my entire life). Throughout the process, I realized that while I felt increasingly anxious about finding a job, the interview process seemed to be somehow getting easier.

It’s possible I was simply getting more comfortable meeting new people on a regular basis, but I think the biggest contributing factor was the realization that most interviews are exactly the same. While the details changed slightly from company to company, I found I was being asked many of the same questions over and over.

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