Attention Millennials – This is Not Your Parents’ World

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Young relaxed successful businessman in the city

Young relaxed successful businessman in the city. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Much has been said about the generation known as the “Millennials.”  Baby Boomers see them as lacking in commitment, reflective of instability in lifestyles, and not focused enough on career, family, and long-term goals.  Many even call them the “Lost Generation,” a reference perhaps to the “Lost Boys” of Peter Pan.  But take heart, you Millennials – this is not the world of your parents nor will it ever be again.  You are a generation that is coming into its own and adjusting to a very different global mindset.  As members of this generation, you have a much better handle on how your world will “work” during your lifetime and how best to navigate it.  Consider the following:

  1. You understand that, unlike your parents who may have changed jobs within the same career field, you will most assuredly change entire careers, some say, a minimum of 4 times in your working years.  You have prepared yourselves for this phenomenon by developing an openness to flexibility and change that your parents do not exhibit.  Good for you!
  2. You are entrepreneurial.  While you parents have seen stability in working for someone else, you may see stagnation.  You are far more willing to take risks, to embrace innovation and creativity as the marks of success, and to “go with your gut,” even if it means temporary setbacks and failures.
  3. You do not see settling down and buying a home as a major goal.  You want the ability to move anywhere in the world as an opportunity arises, and look forward to such adventures with anticipation, not dread.
  4. Marriage is not a primary goal upon graduation from college.  You want the freedom to experience all that life may have to offer.  You are marrying later and delaying the onset of a family, secure in the understanding that, ultimately, these may not be for you at all.
  5. Acceptance of all lifestyles, cultures, races, and religions is indicative of your global perspective and will certainly serve you well as you move through adulthood and the world becomes smaller.
  6. You embrace technological advances and rapid change, and you like the “tension” that it causes.  Such advances make your parents anxious, so be understanding!
  7. Your politics are fluid, and you reject ideological stances, knowing that pragmatism is the best choice.  You may be liberal in some areas and conservative in others, and that’s just fine!  Most of you, in fact, have a “live and let live” attitude that may make your parents nervous!
  8. While your parents may be pressing you to develop a traditional, perfectly composed resume, you prefer to develop a blog or personal website to which you will refer potential employers.  After all, they need to get an in-depth picture of you that a two-page resume cannot possibly portray.   Neither a potential employer nor you wants a bad fit.

And so, Millennials, you have answered the struggle of security versus freedom for yourselves, and you have chosen freedom from many of the things that older generations have coveted.  Be at peace with your decision!

Author Bio:  Eileen Archer is currently a resident blogger and a chief writer at and has researched and written on a number of topics affecting secondary and university students. After obtaining a Masters in English language she decided to dedicate her time to creative writing as well as providing assistance to students.

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