9 Entry-Level Cover Letter Writing Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

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A well written resume can impress a potential employer. However, accompanying it with half-hearted cover letter can force him to throw your resume into trash. Why? When you write a resume, it just points out your set of skills and experience. Whereas, a cover letter is viewed by most of the employers to understand how you can serve the firm in a better way. So, if your cover letter fails to tell him what he wants to know, the chances are you would not be going to get an interview call from him.

There are several mistakes that are seen and pointed out by recruiters. However, following are some common cover-letter writing blunders that entry-level job applicants usually make.

1.    Making It  Too Long:

One of the major mistakes usually committed by fresh grads is making the letter too long. A cover letter which is very lengthy is considered as more time-consuming and verbose than the one which is too short. The length of a perfect cover letter ranges between 250-300 words.

2.    Criticizing Prospective Employer:

Just think how it feels reading a cover letter of an applicant who wants to work in your firm but at the same time telling you that your organization is full of faults. Obviously, you would not be going to hire him. Therefore, do not ever criticize your prospective employer even if there is something to criticize.

3.    Personal Stories:

While writing your cover letter, you must not tell your personal stories to your employer even if they are related to work ethics. Your cover letter is not the place to tell your prospective employer such things. You can save those stories for your interview.

4.    Writing Mistakes:

One thing that you must make sure while accompanying your cover letter with your resume is that there are no grammatical, structural or spelling mistakes in your cover letter. Also, avoid using jargon or juggling words in it. If English is a second language to you, the chances are you would not have clear understanding of some phrasal verbs and words. Therefore, it is best to ask someone, who is good in English, to proofread your cover letter.

5.    Using Same Template:

Viewing available cover letter writing templates, as a beginner, is a good way to compose your own cover letter. However, using it as is would not be a good call. You can view online templates just to see from where you have to start and what elements you should mention in it.  However, if you are sending an online template by just replacing your name, address and other things, the chances are you would never get a call.

6.   Non-Job-Related Experience:

Mentioning experience is undoubtedly an essential element of a cover letter. However, it should be related to the post you are applying for. Employers are usually concerned with the experience that you have in the field you are applying for.  Mentioning odd experiences would be a negative aspect of your letter.

7.    Haughtiness:

Telling your prospective employer about your strong set of skills is important. However, you must make it within the limits. Do not use such words like expert, master, professional, superior, etc. These words do not really tell your prospective employer about your skills. All you need to tell him why you are the most deserving candidate for the position you are applying for and that’s it.

8.    Breaking Ice With Jokes:

Breaking ice with jokes is not a bad idea at all. However, adding funny elements in the cover letter is a complete turn-off as most of the employers do not have enough time to waste on your jokes, especially when they have to review thousands of cover letters. Therefore, it would be good to save these for your interview.

9.    Wrong Company Name:

The last but not the least is mentioning either a different company name or misspelling the name of company you are applying for. Therefore, you must make sure that you have mentioned and spelled the company name correctly.

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