4 Effective Tips On Getting an Entry Level Job After Study Abroad

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Female student from Sicily in a city park in Germany

Female student from Sicily in a city park in Germany. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

We all look for a new career with foreign education and our journey starts with a job. A job after completing your degree from abroad is not only important to pay for all your educational loans but also to acquire a return on the investment that you have made on your studies.

If you are willing to get hired in an overseas location after completing your studies, you must know the fact that very few foreign schools provide their students with on-campus jobs. Therefore, when it comes to finding an entry level employment, you have to go through this hectic process all by yourself, but remember that finding and getting your desired job is not easy.

So, whether you want to work abroad or return to your homeland after finishing your degree program, having an international degree is a definite assurance of a promising career. Listed below are some tips that will help you land entry level employment after studying abroad.

1.    Exhibit Your Global Exposure:

One thing that makes the students, who have completed their studies abroad different from others, is their experience of global exposure. As the trend of getting higher education from abroad is increasing day by day, employers have started taking notice that students’ with abroad experience have better understanding to cultural sensitivity, global awareness, etc. So, make the most of that international experience by sharing it with the interviewer. However, make sure that you interrelate that experience with your career, skills or job responsibilities.

2.    Know Your Career Goals:

You should be aware of the fact that having a pre-set career goal in mind is a necessity, not just a formality. Therefore, if you want to make your job hunt a successful one, then you have to be fully aware of your career goals first. Your career goals can be simply analyzed by considering your set of skills and in which career it can be utilized to get complete satisfaction.

3.    Pick The Best Job Location:

You may have completed your studies from any international university in US, UK, Canada, Europe, etc and you may be willing to move to another location to start your career. Choosing the location for your job majorly depends on your specialization. There are some fields that are highly demanded all around the world such as Engineering, and some are region specific. Therefore, you must first find the areas in which you can start your career. After making a list of countries in which you can begin your career, you now have to pick the best among them where you can not only earn a lucrative income but also live a contented life.

4.     Pay Attention To Resume Building:

Last but not least, pay attention to your resume. There is no doubt at all that the international degree can add some remarkable points to your resume. Top employers, around the world, prefer to hire a candidate having some remarkable points in his profile such as having proficiency in different languages, cultural nuances, and geopolitical awareness to take their business to new heights of success across different geographical boundaries.

You would not have the time to tell all these aspects during the interview. Therefore, you must build your resume in a manner that it can sell all these aspects of yours to your prospective employer. Some of the things that you must include in your resume are the key achievements during your study abroad, scholarships you got, international projects in which you have participated, etc. Remember, not everybody gets to have a study abroad experience. So, if you have that experience, make the most of it and find the best job that complements the efforts you’ve made to get an international degree.

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