Social Media Red Flags Recruiters Are Focusing On

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CollegeRecruiter.comAre you a job seeker on social media?  If so, understand that recruiters are checking out your profiles to learn more about you as a potential job candidate.  Any red flags they discover in your profiles can hurt your job search.  While it may seem unfair to rule you out because of certain mistakes, it is important not to give recruiters any reason to disqualify you as a candidate.

So what are these red flags?  A recent study by Software Advice focuses on the social media mistakes recruiters are focusing on.

“I interviewed recruiters to see what specific red flags they look for when reviewing candidates social profiles. Two of the most oft-recurring red flags these recruiters named were:

  1. Lack of any social media presence whatsoever.
  2. Mismatched resumes and online profiles.”

“I then surveyed 1,542 randomly selected adults in the U.S. to see if the red flags these recruiters use to filter candidates aligned with social media practices among job seekers. The results were surprising.”

“We found that over one-third of respondents reported having a social media presence and the majority of social media users don’t always ensure their resume matches their online profiles.”

“As a jobseeker, you can use this information to your advantage to get a leg up on the competition. Merely by having a social media presence, you’re already ahead of one-third of your fellow jobseekers.”

“But don’t stop there. Be active on these accounts, and frequently update your professional information—especially when you’re job hunting.”

“Finally, in order to ensure that you leave the best possible impression with the recruiters who may be reviewing these active social profiles, ensure that your posts are not only spelled properly and grammatically correct, but that you avoid speaking ill of current or past employers—another red flag many recruiters named.” – Erin Osterhaus, HR Researcher at Software Advice

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