Studying Abroad: Don’t Let Distance Stop You From Sharing Your Experiences

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Portrait of a female student in Germany

Portrait of a female student in Germany. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The best part of studying or interning abroad is the experience of visiting a new place. Make the most of this opportunity by traveling to as many places as possible. You may or may not come back to these places, so make sure you record everything about them. Also, part of the fun is in showing off to everyone else . . .

Blog It

A blog is nothing but an online journal. Add text, stories, pictures and notes, and share them with people back home. You could send out emails, but they might get lost in inboxes, and keeping track of them may be a hassle. A blog is free, easy to create and can be customised to your style.

Do you like doing things differently? Try creating a fictional character and writing his or her story based on your travels? You could even write it in the format of a diary with added spice that lets your imagination fly free. Add on a chapter every week to keep your audience happy.

Some of the most popular hosting sites for blogs are Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress.

Photograph It

Visual memory is the best kind they say. When you’re traveling, don’t be stingy with photographs. Everything from the funny signboard to the picturesque sunrise is something you should treasure. What blogs are to writers, photo hosting sites are to photographers. Take your pick from the variety of options that range from Flickr to Fotolog, Picasa and many more.

There may be pictures though that you want only for yourself and a select few (wink wink). For any pictures that you don’t want to upload onto social media or other shared sites, upload the pictures onto cloud storage, and share it with only the people you choose. There are a number of options available depending on how much space you need and how much you want to spend. Top 10 Cloud Storage helps consumers compare cloud companies to find one that suits their needs.

Film It

The only disadvantage to photographs is that they are static and cannot completely capture the excitement of the moment. For times like these, videos are the solution you need. Create your own YouTube or Vimeo channel, and upload your travel videos to share them with the world. Make some really great videos, and who knows, you might even make some money off it.

Hello Postman

Remember the old days where everyone wrote letters and sent postcards? You could keep track of your travels the old school way by sending yourself a postcard home from every place you visited. Or, you could do it the modern way. Postagram is an app available for both Android and iPhone users. It lets you click photos with your smartphone, turn them into postcards with notes on them and post them anywhere in the world!

Retro Scrapbook Style

If you like old-school, then go the complete retro route. Start a scrapbook about your experiences. The beauty of a scrapbook is its tactile nature and ability to hold together everything from gas bills to photographs to scribbled notes on restaurant napkins. The down side, you’ll have to wait till you get home to share it with anyone.

Travel is the best way to live. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to do so, and keep your stories from these times carefully. Years later, you’ll be reliving these moments through your photographs, notes and videos.

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