The Fast Growing Job Market of ICT

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The Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a vast field nowadays. The basic aim of ICT program is to educate students to undertake the roles of leadership where the IT and ICT applications are related to the vital goal of connecting organisations, communities and people to each other to improve their capability of getting the peak level of success. Behold some of the following important professional careers or occupations related to ICT:

  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Website Developer and Designer
  • IT Developer
  • Database Analyst
  • Application Support Specialist
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Etc.

The Fast Growing Job Market of ICT

Faster growth rates of employment in the ICT domain across the world have been estimated by the U.S. Department of Labour. The projections about employment rates in the ICT field show the percentage in the double-digit figure enhances during the last ten years. Only in the U.S., the estimated average growth rate on the yearly basis is about 2% across all the most important job categories. In fact, these projections are so positive and constructive, and recommend that a steady, mounting job market of ICT over the projection horizon is the expectation of the Government. For example, the job growth outlook for 2014-2022 for the position of Information Security Analysts is 37% in the U.S. Similarly, the positions of Web Developers are anticipated to have a 20% growth and about 15% growth in the Database Administrator jobs.

No doubt, this is a massive level of growth rate in the ICT related employments and the reason behind this is a number of strong steps being initiated both in the public and private areas. High operating costs is in fact a problem for retailers and that’s why they are quickly converting their business online to avoid high expenses, like costs of facilities, staffing, etc. This shift will also help these retailers to expand their clientele base.

The faster pace, upon which the regulatory mandates have been introducing by the governmental authorities, is facilitating as a facilitator for increased spending on IT by the companies to make sure compliance. The financial sector mainly the banks serve as a model that has been controlled by the intensified scrutiny of the government since its crash, causing increased commands and regulations of the government.

In the end, social media networks also have a strong influence in the public and private domains and this influence is continuously increasing. Professional people who are trained and skilled are continuously in demand to incorporate evolving latest and innovative tools of social media into the IT ecosystem of the organisation, and to leverage and enhance the presence of social media online.

Skills of ICT are in Demand

It is found by the research of “Hart Research Associates” that more than 90 per cent of the organisations or employers agreed on the revealed capability of a candidate: think critically, interact plainly, and solve intricate problems are imperative skills as compared to his or her undergraduate major. ICT graduates must have the mentioned skills and they should be equipped to properly exploit them into their work because these develop the strong ICT base.

For graduate students, the job market is gradually growing, especially for those who have the technical knowledge of information management. Keep in mind that your ICT knowledge and skills will make you a smart candidate.

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