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Why & How You Must Let Go Of Your Old Self and Become a Go-To-Guy At Workplace

A young businessman wearing shirt with "go" to motivate people

A young businessman wearing shirt with GO to motivate people. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Is it your dream to become an indispensable unit to your Hospital or any organization for that matter? Or, is it just the envy that you experience when you gaze your eyeballs at the one they call- The Go-To Guy…?

In either of the cases, don’t let that animosity get the best of you, because you could be that Go-To Guy too if only you try harder. Wonder, how? Well, it is fairly simple than you could ever imagine….

Ever wondered, what makes a Go-To Guy the most sought after person? Is it his aura exuding a unique charm that magnetizes others towards him? Or is it fairly something else? The answer to that is pretty simple: resourcefulness. Yes, it is his resourcefulness that makes everyone at the workplace, be it his doctor, nurses or other colleagues, instinctively seeks him when a complicated problem arises.

Why a Go-To Guy Always Gets the Trophy

Go-To guys are the ones who, somehow, know how to take care of others problems. They are pretty knowledgeable and always raring to utilize their knowledge for the betterment of their workplace or colleagues. They are the ones who never shut their door at the face of a challenge, even if it is something that doesn’t fall within their remit.

For instance, when a guy from the marketing department goes out his way, voluntarily, to help out the staff of other departments, he got the Go-To traits.

Perks of Being a Go-To Guy

I’ve been working for a renowned company for many years and they admire me a lot. I can confidently give all that credit to my “go-to-guy” nature. Here are some benefits that I’ve seen and experienced that a go-to guy gets to enjoy at his workplace.

Gets To Please Everyone without Lifting a Finger

Yeah, that’s right! You seldom get to see someone who’s good at pleasing others without licking their boots. A Go-To guy doesn’t need to do such cheap stuff to get noticed, but rather he lets his Good-Deeds do the work. Greeting coworkers with a pleasant smile, having a friendly chitchat with others and listening carefully to someone’s problem- are such the weapons of a Go-To guy.

Gets the Respect Others Would Take Years to Earn

Surely, respect is what one seeks- you, me and everyone else. If truth be told, employers also seek the respect of their subordinates. But the question is, “do they get it?” Hell, No! It is because respect is earned, not purchased.

But, a Go-To guy, in some way, manages to earn it through conventional means: hard work and superior performance. He doesn’t need to shout out loud to get his questions answered and he certainly doesn’t need anyone over his head supervising his activities or performance. Why? Because on each and every occasion he’s shown that he’s the guy who always gets the job done, consistently at that.

Gets Leverage, Oh Yes!

Leverage is the magic wand that gives a Go-To guy the power of negotiation that others would die to get their hands on. Why? Because that magic wand is your key to easy pay-raise, bonus-raise, extra leaves, early off and God knows what else… if you ain’t got that wand, you ain’t get any negotiations.

How Do I Become One (A Go-To Guy)

So, you are impressed and now you want to be a Go-To guy yourself too. Great! Go ahead and read on to see how you too can get to enjoy the perks of a Go-To guy:

Never Hesitate To Take On a Challenge

“Ahh! So troublesome! Why didn’t he ask to the nerdy one next to my cubicle? I am pretty sure, he wouldn’t have said no”. If that’s your first reaction to the thought of accepting a tough task, then you are better off being an average employee than a Go-To guy.

Being a Go-to guy means you need to be ready to tackle any kind of tasks thrown your way. If you really want to outshine others, then accept challenges happily- regardless of how difficult, time-consuming or nerve-wracking they may be. Show Some Enthusiasm, Dear!

Never Get Panicky, Always Stay Calm

Experiencing ups and downs is a part of life, both personal and professional. However, when things get messy and people start blaming each other for the mess while severing any remaining bonds they had in their heart for each other, a Go-To guy always keeps his sanity in check and analyze the situation logically to come up with a possible solution. You Know He’s got THE Wits!

Always Admire Colleagues

It wouldn’t hurt if you praise your colleagues for their work every now and then. On the contrary, it will consequently increase your own goodwill at workplace. Don’t hesitate to put a few good words about your colleague or subordinate in the ears of your supervisor. However, make sure that you don’t go over the top with it…Just Be Sincere!

Self-Motivated Learner

You’ll always find the average workforce contented with their day to day task. They don’t give a heck about anything else that – again – doesn’t fall within their remit.

However, a Go-To guy is a self-motivated individual who always has an endless hunger for knowledge. He never stops learning stuff outside his professional realm. Why? You may wonder. Because, he’s just curious and his curiosity is the very thing that doesn’t let his expertise remain stagnant, but keep rising consistently. Ignite That Curiosity within Yourself Too, Believe me it’s Simple!

What Do We Conclude Here

It’s pretty simple: never shy away from sharing your insights with others and always offer a helping hand to your colleagues, even if they are reluctant to ask. Make sure you do that and I can assure you will ascend the career ladder with tumbling.

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