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When you are working through online classes- whether for school or for business training- you will need the right tools to help you get through it and get the most out of it. If you are looking for some very useful and user friendly tools and apps for online learning, then you need to consider these tools. Many are free to use or have minimal fees and cost, making them perfect for any student or online learner. Check them out to see what they can do for you and your group!

  1. Pinterest. Set up to be a “virtual pinboard” this is a site that gives you a place to organize and share the wide and amazing array of things you can find online. From images to videos to posts to websites, if you find it online you can share it on Pinterest. It’s gaining a lot of traction with online learning as many classes are using it as a place to share projects, articles and other items relating to lessons and online discussions.
  2. Google Translate. This is just one of the Google apps, which is being widely used by online students. Google Translate allows users to get translations of many languages, going from one language to another. This tool also can translate a document or webpage for better understanding or to help with vocabulary and word recognition.
  3. Flipboard. This mobile lets users have access to a new and innovative way to discover, view, and share content with others. There are many ways instructors are finding to use Flipboard in their lessons, such as subscribing to sites, sharing relevant sites with the class, using it to highlight sources, and combining feeds and updates from social networks. Online education is becoming a leading way people are earning degrees and many professionals earn business related certificates and take training online. These individuals can benefit from the versatility of applications like this.
  4. Instapaper. This is another helpful application that helps you collect web-based reading materials so you can review them and use them later for research and writing assignments. Instapaper lets you save and label these materials so you know what needs to be used for what assignment and allows you to access them from anywhere. You no longer have to be tied to a computer to conduct research.  Collect the information and documents you need and then review them when you have time.
  5. Learnist. Considered by many in the professional and business field to be a sort of Pinterest for Education, Learnist gives you a way to quickly and easily share things you find online. Request an invite and set up your own board- invite people to view, share, edit, and comment on your boards. This makes it a great tool for group projects and group learning situations.
  6. MentorMob. Create a “learning playlist” of videos and podcasts that address the subject of your classes and conferences. Browse media sites and save videos and audio files and then share them with your group. This makes it easier than ever to find and share the perfect clips that address the subject matter and topics being addressed.
  7. Uberconference. You can collect feedback, share ideas, show slides and presentations, and hold live conference chats with your entire group or class. UberConference Web Meeting and Screen Sharing takes group meetings and projects to a new level. Know who’s in the meeting and who is contributing. You also get access to all of the attendees’ social media sites and contact information if they have made it available. Take conference calling and group chats to a whole level and get even more out of your meetings than ever before!
  8. Quora. With a goal of helping people post and respond to questions and get answers that are applicable and practical for everyday use, this question and answer site has over a million users. It has been used in some class and conference setting as a way to share questions and answers among participants and group members.
  9. Windows Onedrive. This Microsoft product makes it possible to access and easily share files and documents from any location. Great for collaborative projects that require feedback and input from multiple people, you can set up documents that can be shared, viewed and edited by all team members. Onedrive makes it easy to collaborate in real time, even when team members are not in the same place.
  10. Popplet. This innovative site and platform helps you create visual representations, graphic organizers, and timelines that can be used for a number of projects and final presentations. It helps foster an environment that allows for collaborative brainstorming and a unique and innovate way to present ideas in a group setting. Popplet is beginning to be used in more and more classrooms as its merits are being recognized and implemented in the online learning environment.

When you take online classes- whether it be for school and educational training or for business and career training- you will need the right tools in order to have the best experience and get the most out of the experience and training. If you are looking for some very useful and user friendly tools and apps for online learning, then you need to consider these tools. They can give you the advantage you are looking for and can help you be successful in any training or class you find yourself in during your academic or professional career.

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John is a senior business analyst currently residing in NYC. He has been helping business owners plan their strategy for success since 2005. He can be reached on GooglePlus.

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