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Tips for Medical School Graduates

Graduation cap and stethoscope representing medical graduate

Graduation cap and stethoscope representing medical graduate. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Congratulations on graduating from medical school!  Now comes finding a job.  What factors will you consider?  Perhaps, you will think about the type of facility to work at or even the location of the job.  However, first you should decide what area of the medical field you would like to get into.

Graduates should consider working as a locum tenens physician to gain experience in the job market before settling into a facility or private practice.  A locum tenens is a physician who temporarily fulfills the duties of another.

Before beginning their careers in medicine, medical school graduates should check out these tips from CompHealth.

  • Test the waters before deciding what type of facility or practice is best – from private practices to rural clinics to large hospital systems
  • Learn about the “business” end of medicine through observation and hands-on training – something that is not taught in medical school
  • Take opportunities to travel and explore) through assignment work as a locum tenens
  • Gain valuable experience working in varied environments from private practice, rural clinics, rehab centers and large hospital systems that will help fill out a doctor’s curriculum vitae
  • If you are already fully employed, consider locum tenens assignments as a way to make extra money on top of your full-time salary. It is a great way to pay off med school bills more quickly.

Source: CompHealth


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