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As a fresh graduate, you frequently find yourself in a vicious circle. You have no experience and this is frequently why you do not pick a job. And since the economic crisis, really the job market is facing rigid competition, as there is a shortage of jobs throughout the world.

For organisations, personalities and qualities of graduates take precedence over technical skills. Points of attention for the candidates are: presentation in job interviews, explaining their motives and writing a good resume.

However, with high rate of unemployment, employers have to choose selected candidates among more than a few applicants. So, how do you get that first smart job? Behold the following steps:

Using Social Network

Someone who works from 5 to 10 years generally has a strong network on which to depend. As a new graduate, you may not have a strong network. However, you obviously have another network that can assist you: your family and your social network. Never undervalue the strength of their recommendations. And who better to recommend than somebody who knows you well? Play the card of recommendations on your LinkedIn profile or your blog, and on your resume as well.

Do not be scared to ask for something. Tell your family members or friends that you are looking for a smart job. You can post your messages on a social network profile regularly regarding your experience and qualification.

Find out What the Employer Wants

Put yourself in the shoes of the company where you are applying for a job and ensure they adhere to what you tell them. Strongly concentrate on what it means to them. Employers will be pleasantly astonished when you describe to them what you can bring. Instead of asking them what they have to offer.

A minimum preparation is crucial. Educate yourself on what the firm is: it is an external recruiter, if you are facing an HR Manager or to your future boss… If you know all this in advance, you can make a good impression during the interview.

Exploiting your personality and knowledge is important. However, your future will hold more of your behavioural pattern and overall personality. That you add as a person with a product or service. What is the added value you have to offer to the company or its boss? How you emerge here among the other graduates? Exhibit to them that you have done the right thing and you have explored the overall company. Ask smart questions. Try to get the core values and vision ​​of the organisation.

Search Internship

In the current uncertain economic situation, most of the firms are less inclined to take and bear any risk. Generally, most of the employers prefer experienced people, not new graduates. So, you can make yourself irresistible by offering your services voluntarily or with minimal compensation.  Gradually, the company will show its interest in you.

Numerous recruiters appreciate that youngsters or new graduates have completed internships and developed experiential learning skills particularly in terms of teamwork.

Do Not Send Your CV Promptly

This is rarely a good impression on employers to respond within minutes or hours after opening a vacancy. Recruiters will certainly ask questions. If you are an interested candidate, you will have to seek additional information related to the firm and the industry before the job in detail. Then you will have to write a personalised CV with a cover letter. It is difficult to complete in one hour. In accordance with the companies, the best candidates arrive within 2-3 days following the publication of the vacant seat.

Write a Customised CV

Recruiters have the ability to analyse in minutes if the candidate has the appropriate qualifications and pertinent experience.  In your custom-made resume, you should highlight your core skills and capabilities and what you managed professionally. Your resume should be clear, comprehensible and concise. List your overall qualification and career in chronological order. Two pages are enough for a standard CV.

Be Realistic

The time of incentives, in terms of bonus, car, work phone, etc. is gone. A majority of the applications is promptly revoked just because of too much expectation, based on a market that no longer exists.

In fact, the contemporary generation of students frequently leaves their school with great passion and full of dreams in mind. There is nothing wrong with that, but on certain occasions, it is worthwhile to adapt their expectations. Do not target the here and now. Try to make future plans without directly reaching your final destination. You should try to find a work that goes into your plans and, simultaneously be realistic as a beginner.

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