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How to Succeed in Video Job Interviews

Andrew Hastings

Andrew Hastings of Kira Talent

If you are a recent graduate or looking for a job, make sure to prepare for new trends. Companies are increasingly using video job interviews as a screening tool to connect with applicants, so prepare yourself with these tips and use the video interview to your advantage.

What is the video interview?

Picture yourself on your computer at home. You’ve got your webcam on and you’re wearing a headset. Who’s on the other line? You’re talking to your future manager, interviewing for your dream job.

This is the reality of job interviewing today. Many companies are using video interviews in place of traditional job interviews and they’re performing them in two different ways.

Live interviews: Live interviews are a very common form of video interviewing, and generally involve a scheduled interview time and a video chat program like Skype.

Asynchronous interviews: Asynchronous interviews are becoming increasingly common, and require you to login to a video interview platform and answer questions that the employer has prerecorded. In this case, the employer is not present in real time, giving you the freedom to login and complete the interview at your own convenience, while they can view your answers at theirs.

How likely are you to get a video interview?

Very. In fact, 63 percent of HR managers said their company uses video to interview candidates, up a staggering 14 percent from 2012. Even if you’re applying for local jobs, don’t be surprised if you get an email requesting a video interview. Employers can save time and resources interviewing you in this way.

But don’t worry—it works to your benefit as well. You have the advantage of taking the interview in the comfort of your own home, at your best. You can prepare easier, and you don’t have to worry about common issues like hitting traffic and being late to your job interview.

What can you do to prepare for the video interview?

Although this interview isn’t taking place in-person, it is no less important, and you must do everything you can to ace it. Here are some quick tips to help you to rock the video interview:

Plan ahead. Update your computer operating system, browser, and plugins to ensure you’ve got everything you need up-to-date to complete the interview.

Prepare. Restart your computer and close any potential distractions (e.g., IM, Facebook, email).

Dress for success. Even if they can just see your top half, be sure to dress as you would otherwise to avoid any embarrassing moments, should you have to stand up.

Practice. If you’re using a video interview platform, see if they have practice questions. If they do, take them. If not, practice on your own first.

Upgrade. If you have or can borrow an HD webcam, that will give you the best appearance and sound for your interview.

Set-up. Check out your scene. What can the interviewer see beside you, behind you, and in front of you? Present a clean and organized work space.

Do not disturb. Let friends, family, and roommates know not to disturb you during the interview. Turn off the ringer on your phone and shut down any social networking sites.


During the Interview

Mind the preparation and response time. If you’re using an asynchronous platform like Kira Talent, you have a time limit to prepare and respond. Be aware of the limit so you stay on time in your responses.

Make eye contact. It may be a little awkward the first time you try it, but you should make eye contact with the camera. This will help you to connect with the interviewer, just as you would in traditional settings.

Pay attention to body language. Nearly 70 percent of communication is non-verbal, so show your confidence by sitting up straight (without being too rigid). Pay attention to fidgeting and other body language, and try to remain calm and collected. It makes a big difference in video interviews.

Follow the rules. All other rules for effective interviewing still apply!

Keep these tips in mind for your next video job interview. Come prepared for these challenges and take advantage of opportunities this approach gives you. Ace that interview!

By Andrew Hastings of Kira Talent, Marketing

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