Why studying at a singing school can be beneficial for you

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Singers from the University of Exeter Soul Choir perfoming in the UK in June 2012

Singers from the University of Exeter Soul Choir perfoming in the UK in June 2012. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Many people are of the opinion that a person can only be successful if they choose a much stable career like being a doctor or an engineer or working at a bank managing accounts. While these career options are certainly more stable, a person’s choice is not limited to these basic ones. In today’s times, the options have been increased tenfold and what was considered preposterous a few years ago is being followed and taken up by several aspiring students. According to parents taking up a professional education in singing and music may not have been considered to be an ideal choice for their children but today, they have opened up more and are trying to be more accepting of their children’s choices. Formal training and education in music and singing is not just intellectually liberating but also has myriad benefits that you are unaware of. You can take a gander at some great singing schools for aspiring vocalists.

1.   More demand for people involved in creative jobs:

Agreed, mathematics and science are very important aspects of life and that these are extremely crucial to come up with innovations and developments that can change the way the people live on this planet; however, at the very same time, the entertainment media and other such jobs requiring creativity are springing up and have gained an immense amount of popularity in recent times. This makes schools offering formal education in music and singing more appealing to the students and instead of actually resorting to music and singing as part of their hobbies, children today are actually contemplating pursuing a career in one. While being technical is extremely important, you need to realize that a country or the world at large will not be successful by solely working on numbers. It is the aesthetics that matter as well.

2.   Intensely beneficial to your brain:

If you thought that music and singing is a sheer waste of time and actually wanting to pursue a career in this field and take formal education is no more than waste of money, you need to mull over that again. Studies have constantly proven the fact that training in creative subjects; including singing and music can be intensely beneficial for your brain. These tests found out that when students were subjected to formal education in creative subjects along with technical ones, they scored a lot higher as opposed to students who were only inclined in technical subjects. Besides, when you learn music and singing, you also invariably work towards improving your vocabulary and your reading skills improve tenfold. Thus, a formal education in music and singing not only develops your intellectual skills but your cognitive ones as well.

3.    Overall development of the personality:

When you learn to sing or play a musical instrument, you are not just making efforts to improve yourself in that particular field but you are also subconsciously working towards the betterment of your personality. You will realize that you are much more confident with yourself and if you ever faced an issue with facing crowds or suffered from stage fright, you will slowly find yourself getting a lot more comfortable with crowds. Besides, you learn immensely about working as a team and that instantly eliminates any problem that you may face due to ego issues, not to mention the fact that you perform a lot better academically.

Having a career in the music industry can be exhilarating as you get to face new issues everyday and help you develop creatively and break away from the monotony of a 9-5 job life. To know which school fits your needs you can visit some great singing schools for aspiring vocalists.

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