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    William Frierson of CollegeRecruiter.comIn today’s job market, job seekers who appeal to prospective employers may be asked to do a phone interview.  Some employers are using this meeting as their entire interview process, so it is crucial that candidates not take their phone interviews for granted.

    You might be wondering why employers conduct phone interviews.  One reason is to gather information not found on a job candidate’s resume.  While a resume may offer general information, it may not provide enough details to convince an employer that a candidate is qualified to do a specific job at his or her company.

    To help job candidates prepare for their phone interviews, let’s take a look at some phone interview questions and answers.

    1. Tell me a little about yourself? – This might be one of the first questions you’re asked in the interview.  It is designed to be a starting point of conversation.  Talk about your personality traits that are essential to the employer.  Be brief, direct, and professional with your answer.
    2. Where are you currently employed and since when? – This question is just to verify the information found in your job application and/or resume.  Give the name of your past or current employer and the dates of your employment.  Remember, don’t say anything negative about your past or current employer.
    3. What made you apply for this position? – This can be a trick question.  Again, do not go negative about your past or current employer.  Instead, focus on the opportunity to work for this potential employer in the job you have applied for.  If the interviewer wants to know more about why you’re leaving a job, talk about factors you have no control over such as relocation or downsizing.
    4. What are your daily/primary responsibilities in your current job? – Give a summary of the tasks you are responsible for each day at work.  No details are necessary unless asked for by the interviewer.
    5. What are your goals for the future? – Consider your long-term goals as an employee.  You can talk about your desire to work for a company that gives you opportunities to learn, grow, and advance your career.
    6. Why should we employ you? – This question gives you a chance to make a sales pitch.  Discuss how the skills you have learned from a former or current employer are relevant to a prospective employer, and fit the job description.  In addition, highlight any accomplishments that help make the case for you as the best candidate for a specific position.

    Remember, based on how you perform during a phone interview, you can either make or break your chances of getting that next job interview, or even getting the job itself.  Hopefully, these phone interview questions and answers will help you prepare for this meeting.

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    William Frierson is a staff writer for CollegeRecruiter.com.



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