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E-Learning Tools to Help You Be a Successful Student

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Today’s students keep adding to their arsenal of online tools that help them save time while learning more. If you haven’t started exploring what today’s technology is offering to you, then you are way behind your classmates. The Internet is much more than a tool that connects you with your friends and provides material for endless hours of fun.

In the continuation, you will find a list of the best e-learning tools that will help you become a better student. With their usage, you will start spending less time in studying, but achieve better results at the same time. Who wouldn’t want that?


This is one of the best tools to use for your presentations. It will help you present the information through visual content that will engage your classmates and make you cooler in your eyes, but will impress your professor as well. The tool is extremely simple to use, but will make you look like you have invested a huge amount of effort in that project.

2. InfuseLearning

This is actually a tool that your teacher should use, but will make your work as a student more fun and less difficult. You should definitely recommend InfuseLearning for your teacher to send quizzes, prompts, and questions that you can respond in real time with various types of answers (you can even send doodles). The audio function supports language translation and opens up an entirely new world of opportunities.

3. WeVideo

When your professors assign a video project, you are overwhelmed with the amount of work you will have to complete. WeVideo will save you from a lot of frustration and allow you to experience the true excitement that comes with video projects. You can edit the video material from any device and make it more captivating with great themes, transitions, and filters.

4. Delivr

This is not a tool you will use on daily bases, but it’s definitely something you will find useful for your school projects. Delivr enables you to create codes that can be scanned with mobile devices and lead to a website or an image. This will make your presentations unpredictable and fun. Your classmates will love the idea, and your professor won’t be left indifferent either.


This is another tool that helps you present information visually, but it’s one that you can use every day. All you need to do is choose a theme and start customizing it in order to convey your ideas. This is a great tool to use for adding an element of fun to your projects, but it’s also something that will help you remember the lectures more easily and brainstorm for ideas.

6. Padlet

Padlet will change the way to think about whiteboards once and for all. This tool enables you to add sticky notes and organize them across the virtual board. It will not only make studying more interesting, but will also help you memorize information easily. You can adjust the privacy settings to your convenience, and you can share the resources you created with your classmates. That being said, you can also use the material someone else has created as your learning resource.

7. EssayEagles

We told you which tools to use to make your projects more interesting, but what happens when you have no time and will to work on them? No matter how much you want to ditch them or beg your professors to prolong the deadlines, you have to find a way to get everything completed on time and submit excellent content. EssayEagles is the right resource to use at such times. It puts professional writers at your disposal, so you can use their assistance to produce excellent papers and assignments on any topic.

Start using the best e-learning tools today!

If you have been neglecting the learning resources that the Internet offers, you should stop doing that today. Studying and creating projects for school can be much more fun than you ever expected with the right resources at hand. You don’t need to use many apps and websites to get you started, it will be enough to choose few of the tools we mentioned above and you’ll be on your way towards the highest grades.


I am a student of journalism. I am passionate about digital technologies and try to implement them in the sphere of education. I observe all the news connected with online tools and always ready to tell about them. I am also an editor at Tutorsclass.

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