Class of 2014: Top-Paid Liberal Arts Majors

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Some liberal arts graduates in the class of 2014 have the chance to earn good starting salaries once they land jobs.  Find out the top paid majors in this field in the following post.

Majors in languages and literature were the top-paid among class of 2014 liberal arts graduates at the bachelor’s degree level, according to results of a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

NACE’s April 2014 Salary Survey found that foreign languages and literatures majors earned the highest average starting salary at $46,900, followed by English language and literature letters majors at $42,200.

Employers hiring foreign languages and literatures majors did so primarily to fill elementary and middle school teaching positions. Meanwhile, employers hired English language and literature letters majors for positions as teachers, editors, writers, managers, paralegals, and legal assistants.

In all, class of 2014 graduates in five liberal arts majors earned average starting salaries that exceed $40,000.

Starting salaries for Class of 2014 liberal arts majors


Starting Salary

Foreign Languages and Literatures


English Language and Literature Letters


Liberal Arts and Sciences/General Studies


Political Science/Government






Social Work




Visual and Performing Arts


Criminal Justice and Corrections


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