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Tips for Entry-Level Grads: 6 Effective Ways to learn How to Lead Your Own Fleet

Happy business team with a focus on woman in the front

Happy business team with a focus on woman in the front. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you are wondering, “is it possible to develop leadership skills right from the start in an entry-level job or not?” Then the answer is yes, it is possible!

However, it is also important that from the onset you must have higher aims and goals for your career and, not to mention, utmost determination to achieve them. Developing leadership skills isn’t a piece of cake, yet not extremely difficult as well. All one needs to do is to act like one and how one can act like a leader depends how one perceives or observes other leaders.

Nonetheless, let’s have a look at how you can bring out the leader from within in your entry-level job.

1.   Observe Top Level Managers

Use your sense of keen observation to identify the leadership aspects in your supervisors. Observe them how they talk to others, how they conduct their meetings, how they propose new ideas, how they lead, how they motivate others, how they bring morale within the team and how they make their employees work done on time. Finally, learn from all what you have observed.

2.   Learn Different Leadership Styles

Learn how to handle your employees when there are certain or uncertain situational changes. Most professional leaders recommend that a good leader is one who shows flexibility with his employees. Be ‘autocratic’ where you have less time to get your work done on time. Become a ‘Bureaucratic’ where you, although, take decisions by yourself but sometimes prefer taking ideas from employees as well. Adopt ‘participative’ leadership style when there is a need of a whole pool of creative ideas. Participative leadership style allows employees to express their views and gives them the authority to make decisions in the benefit of the organization, which is also a great way to increase motivation among employees.

3.   Ask Questions

Whenever you feel stuck with a problem, don’t hesitate to ask questions to your seniors or supervisors. If you don’t dare to clear your point of confusion, your learning process will stop at one place. Keep seeking chances to discuss with your supervisor the possible solutions to a problem and see how he critically analyzes the problem and propose you a solution.

Remember, people learn by trials and errors. Therefore, when you commit a mistake, try to amend it after consulting your supervisor. A well groomed manager or leader will never refuse to guide you.

4.   Learn To Manage

To become a good leader, it is necessary to learn time management, crises management, priority management, stress management, risk management & task management. These are basically the qualities around which the personality of a leader revolves. It will definitely take you a lot of time to observe and develop all these qualities. Therefore, you must always be patient because haste in leadership causes nothing but harm.

5.   Accept Criticism

The best quality of leaders is that they always keep up a positive attitude. No matter to what extent they are being criticized, they always respond positively.  So, don’t respond to the criticism of your seniors rudely, but take them as their constructive professional feedback and try to amend things accordingly. They just need a positive response from you and want you to try harder to meet their expectations.

6.   Join Entry-Level Leadership Programs

Many of the well established firms offer entry-level leadership programs to fresh employees of their firm. If you have also been given such a golden chance, don’t miss it!! It is one of the best ways to bring your inner leader out and exploit your true potential. These leadership programs also provide you with better chances to groom up your analytical, decision making and problem solving skills. Moreover, leadership programs also help you enhance your communication skills.

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