6 Critical Indications That it’s Time For a Career Change!

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Career change just ahead on green sign

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Gone are the days when people wouldn’t mind long hectic hours of employment, unending shifts, extreme-level of office politics or even a bad-tempered boss, as long as they were getting a hefty pay at the end of the month. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards a career which is although lucrative but also less hectic and more rewarding. Nevertheless, things don’t always turn out the way one expected and often end up causing a great stir in one’s life. Following are the telltale signs that indicate when it is time for a quick career change. Sign#1: You’ve Become Stagnant

You should quit your job if it no longer offers you any growth. If you have been doing the same activities for the last 2-3 years without learning anything new in your field, then it is a solid sign that you must consider a new career.

Professional growth is a fuel for passionate employees. When you remain stagnant in your job, it badly hurts your career and your passion in more than one way. On one side, it restricts your abilities to only certain areas and on the other hand it deprives you of the advancement in your career. Eventually, you don’t get to experience a promotion as you lack the required skills and experience.

Sign#2: Your Personal Life Has Taken a Backseat Is your personal life is seriously distressed due to the uncompromising nature of your employment? If your domestic life is traumatized because your employer wants you to roll in more money at the cost of your comfort, then you need to rethink about your personal and professional life.

Every person wants to spend some time with his family. When you lose attachment with your family, you cannot live a healthy life. So, if the residual effects of your long desolation with family have begun to reside, then it is time to bid farewell to your current job.

Sign#3: You Feel like a Misfit in the Organization You might feel an urge to drop your job due to the overwhelming office culture of your organization. Do you feel like you are a misfit in the organization because of:

  • Your ethnicity
  • Your religious and cultural background
  • Or, your immaturity to handle office politics

If you feel you are being the victim of any of the aforementioned elements, then it is better to find a job where you can be yourself and work the way you want.

Sign#4: You Are Always In a Fight with a Toxic Coworker Is there anyone in your office who irritates you a lot? Are you at the receiving end of his verbal attacks? Are all your efforts to pacify your relation with the guy has failed? Then, it is futile to spend your time and energy on a job where you cannot work in peace. Find a better workplace where you can work without the interference of any toxic person.

Sign#5: You Are the Victim of Workplace Harassment Workplace harassment has deep roots in the office culture. The cases of workplace harassment often involve sexual or verbal abuse. Some employers exploit the needs of workers to gain sexual favor or suppress their rights by exercising power. This makes the employee live and work with a sense of fear.

Workplace harassment is a legal matter. There are laws that are meant to protect the victim. In a developed country, the victims of harassment enjoy protection from the judicial system.

However, the scenario is rather problematic in developing countries where the cases of harassment usually go unnoticed. Therefore, if your boss is making your life hell and you cannot trust anyone to protect you, then it is wise to shift your job ASAP.

Sign#6: Your Industry Is Collapsing You might feel a sense of insecurity in your job. This happens when you work in an industry that has an uncertain future. You cannot gain a higher salary because the business is declining or you cannot achieve higher success as the industry does not offer much growth.

If your current industry is falling apart, then making a transition would be a smart choice. However, you must make sure that your target industry fulfills your priorities and provides you with opportunities to grow as a professional.

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