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The Most Effective Responses to Interview Questions

Man interviewing a young woman across a desk

Man interviewing a young woman across a desk. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

In order to give the most effective responses to interview questions, you must prepare and practice for your job interview. Read about the most common questions, prepare by writing down your answers, and practice with yourself or your mentor.

Since you have made it to the interview process you have met the initial requirements for the job. Now you must WOW your interviewer with great answers that will get them to ask you the ultimate question: “So, when can you start?”

Don’t be afraid to brag about what you’ve accomplished with your education and your career. Be ready to discuss what you have contributed to the previous companies you have worked for. Go through your past employment and write down your greatest accomplishments. Be prepared to talk about them during your interview with subtle pride. Give credit to your employers or colleagues who have helped you achieve your goals. This will help level out the excitement so you don’t cross the line into arrogance.

What to Avoid Saying During an Interview:

I don’t know: This sentence says it all – you don’t know. That’s not a good response to an interview question. It shows the interviewer that you either didn’t prepare for that specific question or you really don’t know.

That’s a good question: This is nearly the same as saying I don’t know, and it shows that you are only saying it to hesitate answering the question. And you’re only hesitating because you are trying to think of an answer and the professional interviewing you knows it.

Prepare for Your Job Interview:

What these two answers mostly show is that you are not prepared for your job interview. Preparing for a job interview is all about knowing the most common questions and determining your answers. It’s also about knowing yourself. Have you prepared for your future? What are your career goals? How much money do you want to make? Planning for your future helps with how you answer your interview questions, because many are about your career goals.

An average job interview will take about 40 minutes according to Interview Success Formula, so make the most of that time.

Know the Company You’re Applying For:

The interviewer will have most likely performed a Google search for you, and you must do the same. You’ll be asked questions about the company you are interviewing with, and if you don’t know the answers you probably won’t land the job. It’s best to do a Google search for the company. Find out who the president is, when the company was founded, the company’s history, and what products/services they offer. When you are able to answer questions related to the company you most likely would impress the interviewer.

Know Your Salary Requirements:

Be prepared to state your salary requirements and back up why you are asking for the specific amount you give. This is a common job interview question and you need to answer it with confidence. Prove you will be a good investment. Don’t talk about having to pay your bills. Discuss how you will get results for the company, and how you have done so in the past. Be specific about your successful track record.

Practice Your Answers:

Check out the top interview questions and ask yourself them. Write them down. Discuss your answers with your mentor or a good friend. Role-play by having your mentor ask you the top questions while you practice answering them. Another great way to practice is by using visualization. Find a quiet time and place where you can close your eyes. Visualize yourself at the interview giving your most effective responses to the questions. The more you use visualization, the better mentally prepared you will be.

To give the most effective responses during your job interview it’s vital you prepare, practice, and research. Be confident and stay positive throughout your interview.

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