Travel Agent Is Now Becoming A Lucrative Career Option For Adventure Lovers

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It is now time to change your job for an interesting option. If you love adventure and have a thorough knowledge about the place you are living, then being a travel agent can be the best career option for you. Apart from travelling, you have to focus more towards the organizing and planning section of your trip, as travel agents are liable to book for leisure travel as well as business traveling options, for their customers. Moreover, they are also behind selling reliable holiday packages and can also provide travel advice. However, you do not need any particular qualification to land up in this kind of job profile. On the other hand, it might be a useful opportunity to focus more towards the GCSEs, for getting a job with a reliable and well-known traveling agency. A professional travel agent must have proper telephone manners and good customer servicing skills.

Work of a travel agent

If you are a travel agent and you are placed in any call centre of travel agent, then you are bound to perform such serious tasks for the same. Some of the eminent tasks are mentioned below:

  • Help the customers find comfortable and suitable holiday package or help them with independent travel
  • Focus more towards the availability of the holiday packages through phone calls
  • Make bookings with the help of computer system
  • Contracting customers with the help of tickets and collection of some final payments to be done
  • They can help in collecting deposits and also filling the eminent booking form
  • Informing the prospective customers with any of the changes taking place, like cancellation of flights, arranging for alternative methods and more

Working hours of an agent

While you are ready to take up the job profile of a travel agent, then make sure to deal with the hourly work, which you need to perform beforehand. You have to focus more towards the 35 to 40 hours of work, over a week, which will take place in between Monday to Saturday. If you want, you can also avail for the part time working schedule. Moreover, you are expected to have a magnetic appearance, which can sometimes be covered with a particular uniform. On the other hand, your employer might even arrange for some short visits, which will help in improving the knowledge of the holidays that you are planning to sell. Click here for more information regarding renting an apartment.

Some eminent entry requirements

Making a Career as a Travel Agent can turn out great if you can come in direct contact with a reliable travel agency. However, you can even try to take help of some college courses, which will increase your chances and can also help in enhancing your knowledge in customer servicing zone. You can also take help of any foreign language course, for the same. Some educational qualifications are:

  • Level 1 diploma or certificate course in Introduction to tourism industry
  • Level 2 certificate course in Tourism and Travel
  • Level 2 award course in Principles related with Travel, hospitality and more.

Development and training period

Apart from the courses offered in colleges, you might have to take few courses in training and developmental section, for some hands-on practical experiences. Some of those eminent segments are mentioned below:

  • Level 3 certificate course in Tourism and hospitality management
  • Extended course in tourism and travel
  • Diploma course in Management for tourism
  • Level 5 certificate or diploma course in Management of travel

Focusing towards the salary

When you are planning to take hold of travel agent job then the starting salary will be somewhat around £13,000 annually. On the other hand, the experienced travel agents are going to earn a salary between £15,000 and £25,000, on an annual basis.

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