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Distance learning programs in India!

Sonali Dheri

Sonali Dheri

Advent of distance learning programmes in India

Distance learning programs in India have been introduced for the general convenience of students and working professionals who opt for it. These programs are offered online due to which they offer complete flexibility to students who can study according to their preference. Online MBA programs give you a 24*7 access to video lectures and notes online which you can view several times for useful understanding and revision of conceptions. These online programmes not only help you save a lot of time but also save your energy that is otherwise washed out in travelling to reach institutes for full time courses. Moreover, they make learning easy on the pocket as the fee is extremely affordable and you also save unnecessary expenses which are used for travelling, hostel etc.

The scope of distance MBA is huge in India today and has increased opportunities for students. Now students don’t have to attend all classes in an academic session. Quality education is reaching out to them with a reasonable price tag. With progress in the society, the cost for education is also rising. But distance education is showing students a new path which is economical and also enabling them to reach their desired destination.

Objectives of these courses:

  • The main aim of distance MBA is to train students for the competition ahead in the contemporary world of business. The training that these programmes offer help students brush their existing skills, learn new ones and also gain helpful attributes like confidence and poise. These characteristics go on to help them get jobs they desire in this competitive and cut throat world.
  • These courses also help students in adapting to the constantly changing professional world. Therefore, they become far more skilled at faring better in every situation. The use of internet has a huge contribution in creating such a distinctive learning structure that can persuade students in becoming wizards of the industry.
  • Presentation of seminars, case studies, and other relevant information through internet help students to get deeply involved with the subjects. Through these activities students get more practical experience in all aspects of the business.

Key benefits of distance learning MBA:

The popularity of distance learning MBA programmes has lately been huge with the number of enrollments going many notches up in the last decade or so. Due to this huge scope of distance MBA and equally great career prospects, these online courses are constantly attracting aspirants from every strata of the society every year. There are some extremely renowned universities and institutes in India which offer distance learning MBA programs. Due to the flexibility that they offer together with the reasonable fee structure, a growing number of students as well as working professionals are joining these courses to continue with their jobs and upgrade their skills as well.

Distance learning is widely accepted and has gained immense popularity amongst students and professionals alike since they offer several benefits that even the conventional MBA programs do not offer. However, there are numerous aspects that one must be keep in mind while choosing a program. Some of the advantages of distance learning programs are:

Flexibility: You can study and work at the same time! The main benefit of distance learning programs is flexibility. And this is true particularly for working professionals. Everyone doesn’t have the comfort of taking out time to opt for an advanced degree. For such people who haven’t had the opportunity to pursue higher education for whatever reasons, such courses are a huge benefit which helps them upgrade their skills and get career advancement.

Saves Time:  In all honesty you waste a lot of energy and time on commuting when you are a pursuing a degree. Or you may be staying in a remote town or village which doesn’t offer you enough choices for higher studies. All these barriers are eliminated by distance learning!

Study at your own Pace: Everyone doesn’t have the same speed of learning or grasping things. Some pick up fast while others require time to understand concepts. One of the main benefits of distance learning is that students can study at their individual pace that is ok for them from either the confines of their home or any place they prefer.

Reasonable and convenient: These courses are fairly reasonable in comparison to their on-campus counterparts. One can also save a lot of money which is spent while commuting etc. These courses also fare high on the convenience meter. Students can submit their assignments by merely clicking a button or by simply dropping it off at a post-office! Yes it’s mostly as effortless as that!

24X7 Access to Study Materials: This is probably the perfect way to study if you are at ease with technology and the internet. Students can access their study materials online any time they want and also clarify doubts, exchange ideas and even have discussions with their virtual classmates!

Top colleges which offer distance learning MBA programs:

  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune
  • ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
  • Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim
  • Amity University, Noida
  • IIM Ahmedabad

Popularity of Distance Learning MBA:

As more and more industries require employees to travel nationally as well as internationally, it is significant that flexibility in learning is an alternative. With distance learning, students and professionals can attend classes from anywhere on the globe. Additionally, aspirants get an excellent chance to interact with other professionals across the world in similar positions but different industries. By doing this, they get a better perspective of what’s going on globally in diverse industries and the economy.

This is a significant issue today in several corporations. Professionals who have a good understanding of the global business environment are valuable assets to organisations and are more prone to professional advancement within the organization. Additionally, they tend to progress much faster than their peers who haven’t pursued any kind of advanced education.

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