Five college admissions tips for the A-minus student

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Jessica Millis

Jessica Millis

As an A-minus student you are still at the top of your game and riding above a great deal of other students. There is a temptation to think you fell just short of excellence, but it is possible to get very far with an A-minus average. Here are a few pieces of advice that you may use prior to creating your college admissions.

1 – Look for colleges of great notoriety

If you know what they are going to study then you have made your job easier. Find a college that specializes in what you are going to study and make sure it is well known within your chosen discipline and its community. It may not have to be a college that is otherwise famous, as it may just have a very good name for excelling in your discipline. Find colleges like this and apply for them.

2 – Look beyond your area code

There are some great colleges in other states and counties that may help you specialize in certain skills so that you may become an expert in your field. You should also look abroad as there are some great colleges in other countries that will help you improve your skills and get an education of note. For example, there are some great colleges (universities) in Britain that are fantastic for the sciences, and there are some good business colleges in America and Switzerland.

3 – You do not have to follow everyone else

Your career is not set by how soon you do your degree or where. You can take several years experience in other areas before you start your qualification. You can work with the mentally ill within a nursing role before going on to become a doctor; you can go on safari before taking your environmental studies degree. There is no single path to your qualification and the experience you need. Do not forget that your qualification alone is not what is going to get you that perfect job when you are older, as your experience is also a massive factor in it all.

4 – Apply to all the colleges you can afford

This is just to play it safe. If there is a college that you want to attend and you are sure of your chances then that is all well and good, but to play it safe you should apply to quite a few. If you are getting above 12 applications then you are taking it a little too far. Applying for less than five is playing it a little fast and loose and you may have quite a shock in store.

5 – Apply to public and private schools

It is a good way of hedging your bets, plus you should remember that you have scored well and will make a welcome addition to a great many colleges. There are going to be thousands of students applying for college that are going to have scored a whole lot less than you, so remember your own worth whilst you apply.

Author bio: Jess Millis, experienced writer, editor and copywriter. She works as an educator in James Madison University (writing classes) and at as a freelance essay writer.

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