Secure and Stable: 7 Tech Careers That Aren’t Going Anywhere

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Computer programmer working on a problem

Computer programmer working on a problem. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Today’s tech industry is booming, making sure there are plenty of careers that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re searching for secure and stable work, think about getting your education in the wonderful field of technology. To get you started, here are seven careers offering a lifetime of opportunities.

Software Developer

Have you ever heard of Candy Crush? What about the Android obsession that stormed the globe? Software developers are the brains behind the most popular apps and programs on the market. To be a software developer, you might be an application developer who designs software for computers, games and other online databases. Software developers can also focus on the system’s developmental process and take charge of building operating systems to provide a better online experience for the world.

Computer Systems Analyst

If you are detail oriented and consistently strive to achieve new goals, you will probably do will as a computer systems analyst. An analyst needs to understand the inner working of computers such as computer hardware, software, and networks. They also need to know these three work together to create a technology. What they mainly do is make recommendations about the best software and operation systems for particular groups and organizations to use.

Cloud Architect

The Cloud is the virtual space that stores all things technological from emails, to pictures, to music and everything else. All of the information that was once stored on a hard drive of floppy disks now sits happily in the cloud. A virtual world needs to be organized and given structure, much like physical buildings and houses. Cloud architects are those who design the internal structure of the virtual world. It is also one of the highest paying IT jobs available and always in demand of more architects.

Apple Tech Support

Apple needs technologically skilled people to help them service customers. Those best at this job are fluent in the world of technology with a drive and passion for helping people. There are even positions available that allow you to work from home. As long as technology exists, there will be people with problems and questions who need support. Though tech support may seem a little low on the totem pole, Apple’s leadership change indicates the industry’s views and management styles.

Web Developer

The Internet can’t exist without websites. A web designer creates web pages, applications, and content for the Internet. They understand what makes a great operating system and what generates the most search engine hits. These developers understand how to create a website that is both beautiful and functional to look at. They work with companies and corporations to design pages and networks that promote business as well as good information to the people.

Computer Forensic Investigator

Have you ever watched crime shows and dreamed of catching the bad guys? Well then this job is for you. As a computer forensic investigator you will identify and evaluate data from computing systems as evidence in crimes. You’ll need a degree in computer forensics, information security, or cyber security to land this job, but just like technology, crimes aren’t going anywhere. You’ll find secure jobs in almost any location with this career.

Computer Programmer

If you’ve got patience and a general understanding of how computers work you’ll excel with this job. Computer programmers are IT specialists who work to debug and maintain network software, often writing and rewriting computer codes. Testing these softwares and programs are the key to perfect functioning, making the trial and error process a never-ending battle.

The technology industry provides a range of opportunities to anyone looking for a safe and secure job. Whether you are a designer, thinker, or tedious worker a career lies waiting for you to come and take it. Get started on your tech job today.

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