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Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Online education has opened many doors to the future for people who aren’t able to pay a fortune to go to college, but want to proceed with their education and earn a degree that will enable them to work in the field of their interest.

The popularity of online learning is ever-increasing. Many college and university students complement their traditional education with online courses that aren’t offered at their school, but there are also students who decide to take the entire course load online. Whatever group you belong to, you have to find the right tools that will help you manage your time and learn more effectively.

The importance of the right tools

A huge number of people decide to try online courses, but not all of them complete them successfully. The following tools will be a huge help towards the realization of your educational mission.

Writinghouse is the tool that will make paper writing much easier for you. Instead of paying attention to all rules and details of academic referencing styles, you can apply them automatically with Writinghouse.

Help.PlagTracker is the help you need when the deadlines are tight and you have piles of papers to write. Writing papers goes hand in hand with earning a degree, and we all know that not everyone is a talented writer and students don’t always find the time to work on a demanding paper. By placing an order for writing consulting or editing assistance at PlagTracker, you can solve such problems easily.

Tutosclass is an awesome tutoring platform, where you can find a qualified tutor who will help you with your education. The website is very simple and convenient to use, and you can arrange the tutoring sessions to fit your schedule.

TakingITGlobal is a network for young people who care about global issues, want to learn more about them and become active in finding a solution. The website is a great learning environment that will provide you with a lot of information about the issues you are interested about.

Educational software

Your online studies will become much more convenient if you use specifically designed educational software, such as Edmodo. At this website, teachers can create a virtual classroom and invite students to become part of the online learning environment. Teachers can share slideshows and documents, send out announcements and monitor how the assignments are progressing.

A webcam and a headset

These two fairly basic tools are necessary if you want to learn effectively online. The webcam is needed for visual conference calls, which are an important part of online studies. It will help you establish visual contact with your tutor and make a clearer connection.

The headset, on the other hand, will make a significant difference in the way you listen and understand the online lectures. If there are many people in your home and you cannot create the privacy you need, the headset will help you forget about the environment and focus to your studies.

Conference program

Not all online programs require students to attend conferences, but you should know that these online meetings can make a huge difference in the way you perceive online education. UberConference is a program that allows users to create and attend web conferences easily.

Your own blog

With Blogger, Kidblog and many other blogging platforms, you can express what you have learned and get valuable feedback that will inspire you to go further with your studies. The blog can be like a diary where you publish what you’ve learned every day. Your tutor can easily access the blog and read how you are progressing, and you can also use it as a tool of collaboration with fellow online learners.

Social media

Facebook is important in every aspect of the online world, and studying is no exception. You can create or find private Facebook groups that will enable you to connect with other online learners and share useful links, resources, and information between each other.

Software for taking notes

Using a notepad or Microsoft Word for taking notes is outdated. There are many programs specifically designed for taking notes, such as Microsoft OneNote and Evernote. You can take notes at any time with these programs and organize them in an effective manner.

Conclusion: online learning is more effective with the access to the right tools!

Having a desire to learn is the main principle of success in online courses, but that may not be enough if you don’t use helpful tools that will make the process easier. The right tools make a real difference between a wish to learn and complete devotion that will lead you to the degree. All tools we mentioned above are extremely easy to use, but they can make a real difference in your success as an online learner.


I am a student of journalism. I am passionate about digital technologies and try to implement them in the sphere of education. I observe all the news connected with online tools and always ready to tell about them. I am also an editor at Tutorsclass.

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