College Grads: Look West to Land the Job of Your Dreams

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A bridge view from the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean

A bridge view from the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Pack your sunscreen and head west. Arizona, Texas and California lead the nation in job openings. The job markets in these three states began rising in 2013 and continue to have gained momentum into 2014. Companies here need college graduates, like you, with a degree in software development, market management, design or healthcare.


Arizona leads the nation with an expected 3 percent job-growth rate in 2014. Phoenix has the most jobs to offer with an expected 1,000 workers needed for a new technologies center planned for this year. The need for healthcare, construction and leisure industry workers grows, as well.

The city has a cultural side with art galleries, museums and botanical gardens to walk through. For outdoor adventure, Camelback Mountain offers a day of rock climbing and hiking in the Echo Canyon Recreational Park. You will find Phoenix has several nearby wilderness areas to explore along with sports, shopping and places to take the family.

Look for housing in advance to familiarize yourself with the city, such as apartments near attractions you enjoy. Start your search for Phoenix area apartments that fit your style and budget at online resources like Many living complexes have day spas and gyms in the area to keep your skin and body looking good.


Texas has seen amazing job growth and now stands as one of just seven states to recover all jobs lost in the recession. Logging and mining keep the energy industry strong in Texas. The production and distribution of natural gas brings high tax revenue to the state. The influx of highly educated college graduates, like you, who have expanded into business services, manufacturing and medical services also make Texas an economic success story.

Texas has outdoor activities for everyone. Depending on where you decide to move to, you can go to the beach, hike the high country or explore the desert. The Alamo remains a favorite destination for tourists going to San Antonio and the Dallas World Aquarium draws visitors as well. Sporting events are a favorite for tourists and residents who enjoy professional and amateur events.

New housing developments have begun for the influx of job seekers and the forecast looks good for the next several years.


California has seen job growth in the home healthcare and medical aide industry. The introduction of national insurance coverage has generated the need for trained medical personnel to meet the needs of newly insured patients. The need for well-trained medical professionals will grow as more residents begin using insurance.

Technology trends on the northern and southern coasts of California create job opportunities for systems analysts, software developers and system managers. Advances in medical research, agriculture and manufacturing keep the technology industry moving in new directions and open to creative individuals.

California offers the beach, snow-topped mountains and fertile valleys to explore, whether for a single person or a family. You can take the family to Sea World in San Diego or take a tour of Northern California’s wine country with a date.

You can choose to live near the coast or live farther inland where housing and rent costs less. The commute by train, airplane or vanpool suits many residents who find driving and parking too expensive in the larger coastal cities.

By Corey Kenwright

Corey is an insurance broker who focuses on helping families protect their assets and plan for the future.

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