Job Searching – Tips to Market Yourself and How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

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The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, so job seekers do not want to waste their time applying for positions that are not going to bring them results. The top things that one should be clear about before looking for a job are – what kind of job you’re looking for, and where to look for such openings. Applying for jobs without the right qualifications will only reduce your chances of being selected for the coveted job.

There is a great deal of advice available online for people that are looking for a job. It is, however, important for you to pay attention to job seeking techniques. Filter out the right jobs from the cluster of all job postings that you come across. The more you know before getting started, the better your chances will be to land the perfect job.

3 Ways to Market Yourself

When seeking a job, it is important to put as much effort as possible into making yourself look presentable to employers.

•        Re-read your cover letter and resume every time you send it out. In fact, many make the mistake of throwing together a cover letter as soon as they see a job post. Take the time to make sure your writing is concise and that you are able to relate to what the employer is looking for in a candidate.

•        Don’t forget to create an online presence. It is not uncommon for employers to examine a candidate’s Facebook or LinkedIn profile before they initiate a call-back. Don’t allow a less than credible online profile harm your employment chances.

•        Know about the company before you apply. For this, you need to look into the level of formality they prefer, some background information and details about the position you are applying for. This will help you organize your materials to match the company’s profile.

Many of us make the mistake of applying for a job posting as soon as it is posted. While it is important not to hesitate, job seekers should take the time to review their materials and ensure everything is in order before jumping into a job post.

4 Pitfalls to Avoid

Do not make the mistake of trying to start your job search without a clear plan of action.

  • Email Communication: Create an email where you can keep track of all correspondences from potential employers. This way no messages will be missed.
  • Applying for the Wrong Job: Focus on positions in your field of expertise. You do not want to apply for multiple positions you are not qualified for with one company, as they may toss out your resume.
  • Being Unprepared for Interview Questions: Be prepared for how you will handle tough questions. If you left your old position under bad terms, it is important to handle queries about this gracefully so that you do not come off as being difficult to work with.
  • Not Following Up Accordingly: While it is important to stay on top of correspondences, hounding a hiring manager is inappropriate. Send a follow up note and make the effort to respond to any correspondence you receive promptly. That said; do not send multiple notes or calls after this point.

Those that come off as needy or irritating are far less likely to earn the call-back that they are hoping for. Simply be patient and hope for the best, and continue to apply for other positions if you are unsure whether or not you will be hired.

While finding the right job may be difficult, an applicant can bolster their chances of employment greatly by avoiding common mistakes. With a little effort and persistence, it will be possible to find yourself with several potential job leads that all want to hire you for an open position.

By Helen Evans

Marketing manager of job search site

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